Chapter 16: The Aftermath

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"No, Pete really, I'm fine."

You were back in the Tower after Tony's clean up crew came through. The smoke turned out to be harmless, like you thought. It was a diversion to get everyone out, but why? Why would they do that? Or if that's what they wanted then why not have a poisonous gas to kill everyone anyways? The voice sounded almost familiar like you've had a run in with this person before which shook you to your very core. Tony told Peter what happened, you assumed so he would check up on you instead of coming in to report for Spiderman duties, but that was neither here nor there. He called and asked if he should come over, but you didn't want that right now. You needed some time to think and didn't want to have the distraction.

"I wish I didn't have to hear about my girlfriend almost being killed from Mr. Stark, wish she would've told me herself."

You couldn't help but to blush at the word 'girlfriend' and you were relieved nobody was around to witness it.

"She probably didn't want to worry you." You told him, shrugging, even though he couldn't see.

"Let me come over."


Honestly, it was hard to deny his presence. Sure, you needed time to think, but a bigger part of you, you realized, wants to keep him safe. Him coming back to the Tower the day after everything happened didn't feel very cautious. You knew if the intruder got in once, they could probably do it again even with all the extra security Tony added. The paranoid side of you felt like they were still in the building or watching you somehow. That got heightened in every passing moment because nobody could figure out what they came for or what they took.

This morning the Tower has been under a lockdown of sorts. Happy is going ballistic making sure everyone has their badges, and if he doesn't recognize someone, he brings them in for a full background check with a new badge scan and everything. Everyone's on edge. Steve is constantly patrolling the halls as are Carol, Sam, and Rhodey. Pepper is helping the computer technicians to make sure the system doesn't crash again, and Tony is frantically making sure the suits are all up to date. He couldn't help but have a proud dad moment when he found out you used yours. He was only disappointed he didn't see you suited up and even though he hope he never had to; he also would cherish the day.

"You don't want to see me." Peter mumbled and it almost broke your heart.

"Peter, you know I do." You told him honestly.

"Then I'll see you in an hour!" He cheered and hung up before you could protest.

You sighed with a slight smile at the idea. You looked down and realized you were still in the clothes you threw on after the incident last night. You also could use a shower since you've been in the muck of things, helping the search for the faceless man. That's what you were calling him anyways. You haven't slept and it was almost noon so some coffee would also be required.

You trudged yourself into the kitchen where you saw Bucky sipping on some coffee. His hair was in a bun and he had a tee shirt on with some sweatpants. He was reading some files, but when you came in, he looked up with a smile.

"You look like hell." He smirked.

"Yeah, well, you're not my type either." You scoffed, taking the pot and pouring yourself a cup.

You came up next to him and read over his shoulder. Your forehead creased in confusion when you noticed they were old Hydra files that he was reading. You looked from his face of concentration while he read and back down to the papers.

"You think it's Hydra?" You asked, not believing it for a second.

"I don't know," He admitted, eyes never leaving the paper, "Gotta make sure." He added lower.

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