chapter 1

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(y/n) pov.

(Forgot to mention you and choco are 12)

It's a nice Sunday afternoon. Me and my sister Choco were eating our food that our mom made for us in the park.

Choco: we better get home so we can study for the test for Ms. Naomi's class.

(Y/n): ok

We packed up and walked back home. As we were on the way we saw some officers.

Officer 1: another attempt to make illegal custard.

Officer 2: when will they learn.

Yup, for some reason custards have been outlawed, and it can give someone up to 25 years in prison.

No one knows why tubby custard had been outlawed, but something bad must have happened in order for it to be outlawed.

We saw a cop carrying the sample of custard. It looked like a sickening green color.

Choco: cmon sis, we got to get home before mom gets worried.

We ran the rest of the way home. When we opened the door we saw mom on the couch watching TV.

(Y/n)/Choco: hi Mom.

Pudding: hi. How was your time at the park?

Choco: peaceful.

(Y/n): calming.

Pudding: that's nice to hear. I also understand that you have a test on Monday so you two better study, but knowing you two you could ace the test without having to study.

Choco: it's ok mom. It doesn't hurt to go over it a few more times.

We walked to our room and got our books out and started taking notes.

We got out chocolate and started to eat it while we study. (Fun fact: chocolate is able to help boost your memory, attention span, reaction skills)

By the time we finished studying mom called us for dinner. As we sat down mom came out with the food.

We started eating as we all talked, laughed, and enjoyed mom's cooking

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We started eating as we all talked, laughed, and enjoyed mom's cooking.

Mom went to bed early because she said she had to go to work early tomorrow.

Mom works day shifts at a bank. Saturday's and sunday's are her days off.

Whenever it's her days off mom will either sleep in or relax.

We never knew our dad, but mom said that he was a good guy.

She also said that they met in highschool. She said that she had some bullies because she was a quiet kid when she was younger. They used to use things that were loud like fireworks because she had sensitive ears.

Iive only seen dad I a few of his highschool photos and in mom's wedding picture.

Choco and I decided to go to bed so we can be ready for the test tommorow.


So how did I do?

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