Chapter 6.5

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"Hey, how you doing?" I turn around, oh it's just ——.

"Hi, what are you~!?"

"Sorry, honey, but I'm afraid your time's up."

I feel liquid sputter out of my mouth, I feel my body collapse on the ground.


"I'm afraid you don't have time to listen to me, do you? Say hello to Satan for me, why don't you?"

Why? Why would you do this? I trusted you.

I believed in you..

I'm sorry I couldn't help you..

Funny.. I'm dying, but I'm thinking about what my killer's feeling. I'm slowly going to run of blood.. there's no hope..


Bye, I guess. I'll miss you guys..

"W-why are you f-frowning? P-Pl-cough-ease.. s-smile."

My vision blurs.. everything's fading.. thank you for smiling..

"I-I'll m-."


One down.. a ton to go.

Maybe making people bleed to death is too boring.. I should try something fun..

How about arson? Hmm, let's try it..

I still have to be careful of cops, stupid shits..

Goodbye Ino Yamanaka, little slut.

It's been months... I'm sorry..

I keep making you guys wait..

...I'm sorry..

But.. let me explain why you can literally read through this in one go,

All the murders will happen in semi-short chapters, so I'm really sorry, but I've been really busy with my other books..

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