Chapter 3- Our Song

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The next morning Furea woke up in an unfamiliar room. Then she remembered. She auditioned to become an akb0048 idol. She completed the task and became an understudy. She met her best friend Tsubasa and she met one other girl she really doesn't know yet, but they passed, and they were the 73rd generation understudies. It was excliting. She looked at her mother's picture laying right next to her on her bunk bed. "Good morning Mama." Furea smiled. Tsubasa was up and she was studying. Her glasses were on and she was really focusing. Furea then realized the girl with green hair was sleeping on the bottom bunk. "Good morning Tsubasa-san." Furea said. Tsubasa turned back and smiled. Furea climbed of the bed, careful not to wake the other girl up, and the looked at what Tsubasa was doing. It read....

Dear Mom,
I really miss you.

"Too sad." Tsubasa said throwing it in the waste basket. The waste basket was flooded with paper. "Hang in there Tsubasa." Furea said puting her hands on her shoulder. "Sure thing. Today's our first practice as understudies. We should try not to upset Ushiyama- sensei." Tsubasa said. Furea nodded. The girl with the green hair woke up. "Good morning. I'm Furea Hoshina. It's nice to work with you." Furea said in a low voice. "Cute!" the girl exclaimed. Furea blushed. "Cute?" The girl hugged her like crazy. "So cute!" she exclaimed."I'm Tsubasa Kokoro. Let's have fun working together." Tsubasa said. "Spicy!" the girl exclaimed. Tsubasa blushed. "I'm Mikako Minamino! It's really a pleasure to meet you both!" she exclaimed. Her hair was in front of her face. "Why is your hair covering your face?" Tsubasa said trying to fix her hair. Mikako pulled away. Tsubasa looked at her strangely. "Don't. If you see me you'll hate me." Mikako said. "What would make you think that?" Tsubasa asked. "You see, I hate my face. Everytime someone sees my face they try to hurt me. I don't want that anymore." Mikako said sadly. " Minamino-san, I'm Furea Hoshina. I really love Akb0048, and I used to watch it with my mother. She died when I was young. From throat cancer, the same cancer I have. My dad never approved of my dream but I came here and I met you guys. I could never be happy without you two by my side." Furea said. "I'm Tsubasa Kokoro. I feel like my mother never loved me. She killed my father, she beat me up, but akb0048 was my only friend. I came here to fulfill my dreams. Akb0048 helped me meet the both of you. My precious friends." Tsubasa added. "Same for me. I really love Akb0048! Evryone hated me because of my face. Girls bullied me and called me names. No one sat by me and everyone thought that I was miss perfect. I'm not. I call myself the lonely queen. When I watch akb0048 I feel like I can shine with my original face. But I don't want you guys to hate me. You waited for me. You are true friends." Mikako said crying. Furea hugged her. "We all have things that hurt us but we have to be brave and push through." Furea said allowing herself to cry. "Stop it! You're making me cry!" Tsubasa exclaimed with tars rolling down her cheeks. Furea wipped her tears and fixed Mikako's hair. Her hair was soft and her face was so beautiful. "Minamino-san you're so beautiful!"  Furea exclaimed. Mikako smiled. "Call me Mii-chan! Please!" she exclaimed. "Alright than Mii-chan." Furea said in a low voice. "Cute!" Mikako exclaimed. "Furea-chan, Mii-chan we have to get to the breakfast table. Practice starts in 30 minutes." Tsubasa said smiling and wiping her tears. "Let's go to the bathouse then!" Mikako said. After they took their showers and brushed their teeth they headed over for breakfast. "It's chef Papa's food! Yummy!" Mikako exclaimed. "Hello ladies. Today's an important day for you understudies eh?" he winked handing them their food. "Yes." they all said in unison. Furea took one bite of her egg omlette. The ketchup and the egg blended well together and the vegetables were seasoned and very delicious. "Yummy!" Furea exclaimed loudly. Everyone turned to look at her. "Sorry!" she blushed in embarrassment. "It's okay no biggie." Sashiko said. "That voice! Those words! Could it be...... Sashiko-sama!" Furea exclaimed. Sashiko smiled. "Yo." she said. "Good morning, Sashiko-senpai." Furea said in a low voice. "Good morning. Congratulations on becoming understudies you guys. I know you'll lighten up the next generation." Sashiko smiled. Furea stood there awestruck. "Furea-chan?" Mikako asked. "She's a really big fan of Sashiko." Tsubasa whispered. Sashiko winked at Furea. Fjrea was speechless. She felt woozy. "You guys have a great practice with Ushiyama-sensei. He's a tough cookie." Sashiko warned. "Okay everyone let's go practice." Yuko Oshima the 8th said. "Have a great practice. Sashiko senpai." Furea said shyly. "Thank you Furea-chan. And thanks for that fan letter two years ago." Sashiko winked. Furea's face lit up. Sashiko remembered her oersonal letter. Her letter that she worked so hard on. Mikako and Tsubasa smiled. They finished up their breakfast and packed their practice outfits in their bags. They took the train. "I wonder if we'll be good enough for Ushiyama-sensei's hardcore dance lessons." Tsubasa said. "Hardcore?" Mikako asked. "Yeah. They say he makes you do the dance over and over if you make one mistake." Tsubasa said. "I love practicing! Lessons only make you closer to becoming an successor!" Furea exclaimed. "I guess you're right." Mikako smiled. "Let's work hard." Tsubasa smiled. They nodded. It was there. The practice room. After the girls changed into their practice outfits they went to the practice room. Furea was sparkling with her purple practice outfit. She looked lovely. Tsubasa had a blazing ice blue practice outfit and she looked cool.  Mikako had a pink and indigo practice outfit that made her look glamorous. "Good morning. Are you all ready for practice?" Ushiyama asked looking at the three girls. "Yes!" they exclaimed in unison. The music started. Shonichi blasted through the speakers.  "You! More energy!" Ushiyama exclaimed pointing at Furea. "Yes!" she exclaimed. "You! More effort!" Ushiyama exclaimed. Furea was trying her hardest. She began to feel doubt . Maybe she shouldn'tve come. Maybe she should of stayed in bed at home with her dad. She knew her cancer was holding her back. Her throat began to swell up. Ushiyama clapped his hands. The music turned off. "Do it again!" he exclaimed. Furea worked so hard. She didn't want to be held back anymore. But her throat was swelling up and she couldn't breathe. She was about to faint but Tsubasa and Mikako caught her and made it a dance move. Ushiyama didn't say a word. "Again!" he exclaimed. Furea continued. She knew that with her friends she can fight cancer. She wanted to become a successor. She wants to see the crowd. Just like Sashiko saw her fans, she wanted to see her own.They repeated the dance again, and again, and again. Finally practice  was over. "Amazing. You girls did very well. I'll be sure to talk to Kaori." Ushiyama complimented. "Did he just?" Tsubasa said. "Compliment us?" Mikako finished. "Were we really that good?" Furea asked catching some air. Tsubasa nodded. They drank their water and wipped their sweat. "Well, what're we waiting for? Let's go back." Mikako winked. They changed into their regular clothes. On the train Furea looked at the two girls. She wanted to say something but not one word came from her mouth. "Thanks! Without you guys I wouldn'tve had the courage to continue. My cancer was holding me back." Furea finally said. "Hey what are we here for if we do nothing?" Tsubasa smiled. "Anyways my angel, we know that you'll do the same." Mikako added. "Tsubasa-san, Mii-chan." Furea said with gratitude. "Hey, you know you can call me Tsubasa." Tsubasa smiled. Furea nodded and smiled. Maybe she could really do this. "Everyone! I have something I would like to show you!" Furea exclaimed. "Huh?" Tsubasa and Mikako asked confused. Furea smiled. They followed her out somewhere other than Akibastar. "It must be here. The song." Furea said digging into the ground. She thrashed her hands in the soil and dug as fast as she could. Was it still there? Tsubasa and Mikako looked at her confused. After a few minutes of digging, she found it. There was a violin case.She opened it. It was her mother's violin and a song. The song's title was Oogoe Diamond. "Mama,thank you!" Furea said. "Oogoe Diamond..... Your mother wrote that song for you?" Tsubasa asked. Furea nodded. "Isn't that the famous song written by the famous successor from the 70th generation?" Mikako asked. "It was Mama." Furea smiled. Inside there was a letter. "A letter?" Tsubasa asked. "Well go on and read it." Mikako winked. "But.........." Furea said as she felt her eyes sting. Tsubasa put her hand on her shoulder. "We're here." she said. Furea hesitated. Could she really read this letter? She didn't want to. She felt water forming around her eyes. "Furea-chi! Please don't cry. I was able to show my face because of you. My precius friend. And I was able to meet Tsubasa. We're here!" Mikako exclaimed. Furea stopped her tears. She anxiously wanted to open it. Was she ready? Mikako put held her hand. Furea opened the envelope softly, and there it was. Her handwriting. "Dear Furea,

Your probably a very big girl now and you'll probably become an idol just like I did. Please accept my dearest apology my daughter, for I am very sick and I'm about to die. Having you was the greatest experience of my life. I'm sorry that you'll have to go through the same thing I've went through. Cancer. Be aware my daughter that you must find your inner light and shine. Find true friends. Find true love. Fu-chan, I love you. You are so much like me but your voice is very unique. If you're wondering why everyone covers their eyes when they see you, I will tell you the answer. You're so radiant. More radiant than the sun itself. Stay you. When I die I'll disappear from the world but my spirit is still here. Don't end up like me. Fight that cancer cell within you, prosper and be  filled with light. My light is always around you and you'll never be alone. I'll always be there for you Fu-chan. Please accept this song, Oogoe Diamond. Accept my violin, for it is now yours. Shine with your beautiful light. Always be the lightof hope everyone knows you are. I'm sorry, I'm about to die. Shine like the vast stars. Fu-chan.


  Mama." Her eyes were stinging. Her mother wrote this for her before she died. Before she could leave the world. When she felt a prescence and no onewas there......that was her mom. Hot tears ran down her face. "Mama! I really love you! I didn't want you to die! I'm afraid! I'm afraid of every little thing! I felt alone when you left me! I.......... I tried to kill myself! Mama! Mama!" Furea exclaimed. Tsubasa and Mikako stared at her helplessly. What was there to do? Furea felt a presence. "Fu-chan....... I'm proud. You found what you wanted in life." her mother said. She turned around. It was her mother's light. She saw her mother's face. Tsubasa and Mikako stared at the light. Another Furea?" Tsubasa asked. "Forghive me my daughter." her mother said. Her light began to fade. "Bye." she said.

"Mama! Mama! Mamaaaa!"Furea exclaimed. "Please Mama! Don't leave me again! Don't leave me all alone!" Furea said with tears streaming down her face.
She gave her the violin."Our live show is about to start." Mikako winked. "Here are our mics." Tsubasa said handing them fake microphones."But I can't play. It's like a curse. " Furea said. "You're going to have a live show with your mother watching from above. Make her proud out there." Mikako winked. She picked up the violin and began to play the rhythm. "Amazing." Mikako smiled. "She's really somethin' special. Come on Mii-chan. We have to lend her all our radiance." Tsubasa winked. Mikako nodded. "Hashiridasu basu oikakete, boku wa kimi ni tsutaetakatta, kokoro no moyamoya ga kiete, taisetsu na mono ga mietan da, konna kantan na, kotae ga deteru no ni, nani ni tameratte miokutta no darou?, boku ga boku dearu tame ni, shoudou ni sunao ni narou, Daisuki da kimi ga daisuki da, boku wa zenryoku de hashiru, daisuki da zutto daisuki da, koe no kagiri sakebou, daisuki da kimi ga daisuki da, iki ga kurushiku naru yo, shimatte okenai, oogoe diamond, yuuki wo dashite iou yo, damatteicha sono mama sa, hazukashiku nante nain da, suki tte kotoba wa saikou sa, suki tte kotoba wa saikou sa, suki tte kotoba wo saikou sa, kanjou ni hakidashite, ima sugu subao ni nare." they sang. There was a huge crowd of people including Kaori and Ushiyama. They all clapped. Furea heard a soft clap. She knew that sound. She remembered. "Mama......" she said with her hand on her heart. "Thank you Mama." she smiled. She felt a warm light within her chest. Everyone covered their eyes. "What's this light?" Kaori asked. "Furea! You're so bright!" Tsubasa exclaimed struggling to see her. Now she knew why people did that. She was very radiant. With thatlight she believed shecould do anything.
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