The Kissing Contest. Sonny X Reader

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Robin is The name of the character You/ I will be.

It was about 9pm in the mansion, it was a quiet day as everybody was doing work on their laptops.

I was just sitting on the sofa watching Netflix shivering under my fluffy blanket.

"Sonny!" I called hoping he could hear me from his room.

"What!" He called back almost instantly

"Can I wear your fleece jumper? I'm cold!" I called back.

"What!?" He said, blatantly not hearing me.

"I said, Can I.." I paused.
Fuck it.
I got up of the coach / sofa and ran up the stairs doing two steps at a time.

You gently tap.his door and open it peering at a tired Sonny sitting on his bed with his laptop in his lap.

I quietly repeated
"Please may I wear you fluffy pink jumper? I'm a bit cold in this drafty house" I said with a smile on my face

He grinned at me, his nose ring reflecting of the shine of the lights

"Oh, go on then, you wear it more than I do anyway" he spoke back.

"Thanks mate, your the best" I said before blowing a kiss and leaving the room, carefully closing the door.

"But!" He paused

"You have to make me some coffee, im falling asleep here!" He shouted

"I'm on it!"

"I want one too!" Brooklyn called from his room

"Piss off Brook make your own coffee!" I spat back

"You're such a meanie!" He childishly whined back.

I tutted to myself and walked back downstairs and into the cold kitchen.

I may have underestimated how cold the tiled kitchen floor was and I welped as I touched it with my bare feet.

"Everything aight in there?" Andy asked from the sofa

"Yeah, the floors just a little cold"

I could hear him laughing at me.

I swiftly made a mug of coffee and made my way back upstairs and into Sonny's room.

"One black coffee with two sugars" I said placing the mug down on his bedside table

"Thank youuuu" he said dragging out the "oooo" sound.

I skipped to his neatly arranged closet and grabbed the fluffy jumper from its hanger and pulled it over my head and down my cold body.

"Oooh i love this jumper" I said running my fingers along the fleece breathing in Sonny's scent as it hovered around my face.

"I can tell" he said with a chuckle

"Anyway, imma let you do, if you need me I'll be downstairs." I gently spoke, closing the closet door and stepping out of Sonny's room.

"Can you close the door Please, Robin?"

"I sure can Robertson" I said closing the door again.

I span on my heels and walked toward the carpeted stairs to return to the sofa where Andy and Jack are sitting.

I walk into the living room and I can already see Jack giving me a mischievous grin. I stop walking.

"Okay what is it?" I said directly too Jack.

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