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Me: Here is my first question. Please go easy on me I am quite shy and nervous

Toby: Your f-f-fine *Tics*

Ganondorf: *Laughs*

Toby: *Frowns*

Me: Who do you think you are? Don't laugh at people who have disabilities that are out of their control. So please just stop! Now as I was saying, my question is for Zelda

Toby: T-thanks

Me: *Smiles at Toby* Now continuing with Zelda

Zelda:Oh yay me!

Me: Zelda,Why do you pretend to be another character? (Like Shiek or Tetra)?

Jeff: I seen Ben play these games enough to know all of this

Ben: *Snickers*

Zelda: *Sighs* Well, it was dangerous for me to walk around as myself, the Princess of Hyrule. So I had to create another identity to protect myself and the people of Hyrule. In this case, I thought of Shiek. My story was that I was a Shiekah from that tribe, so it worked great. For Tetra, I just didn't want to take on the responsabilities of being a monarch. It was such a heavy task! I hope that answers your question.

Ben: *Blinks*

Ghirahim: *Fabulous hair flip* Calm down, you spoke to long! To summarize all her blabbering,she was ju--

Vaati: She was a ninja, and she was a pirate.

Link: What?

Ben and Dark Link: The hero of time is confused! *Snickers*

Jeff: *Laughs*

Me: *Snickers*

Zelda: No-no! I…well, actually Vaati, that was a good summary. And Ghirahim, you should be more polite.

Ghirahim:Hmph. Same to you, surface princess.

Toby: Z-Zelda i-i-is correct


Ganondorf: So what you are saying is I should look for a sheikah/Ninja or a pirate next time I am looking to capture you, Zelda?

Blue: Oh no, here we go with the kidnapping thing again. Look, Ganon. I REALLY need a vacation… I'm not looking to save Zelda again for a while

Ben: *Eyes widen*

*All villains look at each other*

Blue: Nevermind, nevermind. Back off the princess.


Zelda: Forget it. Ganondorf, come to my castle. We'll see what happens then.

Link: That was low, Toon Link.

Blue: Yes, I realize that. I am sorry.

Ganondorf: I'm listening to you Princess. You can count on seeing me soon…at your castle.

Jeff: Wait, wait a second. You NEED an invitation to Princess' castle to kidnap her?

Dark Link: Really? Cause I just walk in, take her, and sneak out. It is easy. So…

Ganondorf: Well…no, but I normally can't just SNEAK past her guards. Have you seen how tall I am?

Ben: *Laughs* And green?

Ganondorf and Dark Link:…

Ghirahim: *stiffles laughter*

Ben: Sorry, sorry. Continue

Jeff: *Snickers*

Oot Link: None of you will lay a finger on Zelda. Do I make myself clear?

Ben: That is, until I start following you around again and starting you on fire in random places!

Oot Link: * Shivers*

Me: 0_0

Zelda: I can handle myself, thank you.

Dark Link: Right, yeah Princess. That is why you get kidnapped over and over and over and o--

Midna: Okay, I think we get it Dark.

Jeff: One over was enough.

Me: Alrighty…That's it for questions. Bye!

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