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You have always been your father's baby girl, even when you are an adult. You had been raised in the mafia lifestyle, since birth but your father made sure to keep you out of his business. Wanting you to have a good life out of crime and danger, but let say that did not work when you started dating a young mafia boss.


Y/n father " so when is this boyfriend of your getting here dearie"

Y/n " soon dad he promised he will not be late"

Y/n father" sure we will see about that"

Y/n " dad you're promised to be nice when I let you meet my boyfriends"

Y/n father " well I try until they say something stupid"

Y/n " oh dad"

Waiter " here your table sir" you and your father look up to see namjoon standing there, soon the waiter leaves the table. You see your father and namjoon looking at each other, and that when it hit you they knew each other.

Y/n " dad this is ......"

Y/n father " namjoon the new mafia boss in his family"

Y/n " yes"

Namjoon " it great to meet you again sir"

Y/n " well let have a seat" your father and namjoon sit down.

Namjoon " I really love your daughter, sir, she means the world to me"

Y/n father " I have heard that before young men, will you die for my daughter will you keep her safe"

Namjoon " I will do anything for your daughter, even if I have to get hurt for her"

Y/n " dad namjoon is a very good guy and I really love him, he treats me right and loves me for myself"

Y/n father " you got lucky this time namjoon, if my daughter speak well of you I can believe her"

Namjoon " thank you"

Y/n " now we that over with will you two love to tell me how you both know each other"

Namjoon " what do you mean"

Y/n " really namjoon you said to my father to great to meet you again sir"

Namjoon " did I "

Y/n " yes"

Namjoon "'waiter we will like to order now "

Y/n " the waiter can't save you both .... dad"

Y/n father " why don't we order some wine"

Y/n " really you both"

Y/n father " namjoon one fact she is like her mother, they both will make you spill the truth and wine drop it"

Y/n " you know if you both don't tell me I will just ask your guys, and see what they have to say"

Y/n father and namjoon " we know"


Y/n " remember my father hates it when people ask his questions with short responses unless you are one of his children or relatives" you are sitting in a fancy restaurant with your boyfriend Suga going, over a few pointers about your father.

Suga " thanks for the head up, so what did you tell your father about me"

Y/n " that you are a wonderful nice guy, who I have been dating for a while and you also have a job":

Suga " so what so-called fake job do I have "

Y/n " you are a manager of a small retail company"

Suga " wow so I'm a manger"

Y/n " yes that better then tell him, you are a crime boss"

Suga " you are right about that"

????? " hello my dear" you soon turn around to see your dad standing there with the waiter, you get up from your seat to hug your father.

Y/n " dad you made it"

Y/n father " hey if I get to spend some time with my, daughter I will always make it"

Y/n " dad I will like you to meet Suga my boyfriend" you dad soon see Suga face and that when his facial expression changes fast.

Y/n father " Suga "

Suga " mister l/n "

Y/n " let me guess you both have meet"

Y/n father " once or twice"

Y/n " oh dear what happened" soon everyone takes a seat at the table once, again hoping the rest of the day won't be ruined.

Y/n father " a guy order us both money and decided to pay us off at the same time"

Suga " I never knew your daughter is y/n "

Y/n father " I keep her out of the line light, of the mafia world"

Suga " oh"

Y/n " yeah my father hides me away from his rivals, wanting to keep me safe from danger"

Y/n father" now suga tell me your real intense for my daughter"

Suga " I want to spend my red of my life with her, and I love her so badly"

Y/n father " we will see where the future will land you in, my standards" your father had drank some wine, still looking at suga. You knew from here on now your father and suga will have a love and hate relationship.


You had been invited out to a ball by your boyfriend and father , you really did not know what to say until the night of the ball.

Y/n " dad be nice to him I told him, he will be meeting someone important to me"

Y/n father " fine he must be some guy if you are having me meet him after two months of dating"

Y/n " well he nice and very fun to talk with I think, you are going to like him"

Y/n father " sure" soon you saw Jimin walking over to you and your father, you saw him fixing up his tie a few time before he is finally standing right in front of you.

Y/n " babe you here" you kiss Jimin on the check making you father glare at him, your father never like or loved any if your boyfriends.

Y/n " father meet jimin my boyfriend"

Y/n father" so the rumors are true around town, that the new mafia boss id really dating an elder mafia boss daughter"

Y/n " what rumors...."

Jimin " sir with all respect I really love your daughter and will do anything, to make her happy father this is Jimin" 

y/n father " that what her last useless boyfriends have said to me in and tha past, and it ended up with my daughter being cheated on and me having to beat some loser up" 

y/n " dad" 

Jimin " sir I really mean it and your daughter has changed my life forever, she has finally shown me to give some people a second chance before I kill them" 

y/n father " well she is like her mother" 

y/n " so where did you two really meet in the first place" 

Jimin " a bar...."

y/n " dad you know you can't be drinking liquor your doctor said you, can't drink that much" 

y/n father " it was just a small drink" 

y/n " dad" 

y/n father " you are your mother-daughter" JImin smiled while he saw you scold your father about what his doctor had ordered him to do, soon after that all three of you sat down and had a meal with no alcohol. 

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