Chapter 5

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We later found out she was with twins, and maybe that's why she was too emotional.
Amanda gave birth to two girls and a boy, yeah it was shocking.

I mean her husband fainted when the doctor told him there was another baby inside her Amanda. I laughed at him.

It was so funny he was like that till the third child came out which was a girl. I was so happy for her she even told me to be their godmother which was great. My daughter liked playing with them

Amanda named them,
Daniel Alexis Mateo
Danielle Alexander Mateo
Daniella Alexandra Mateo

When I heard their names I was shocked I couldn't say anything. It was so alike but can you blame her. She wanted them to have similar names to confuse people...

Seven Years Later

It's been nearly seven years since I last laid eyes on my family and ex-husband. My life is great. I am happy my daughter is happy.

Blue did ask me about her father and my parents since she has only seen my sister and I don't like lying to her. So I told her what happened.

My child may be young but she is very mature and smart. Sometimes I wonder where she got it from. I told her the truth and she said she did not need anyone and that she was okay with only her mother.

I still see my sister sometimes. She's a graduate and has her own business and she is getting married to one of Ethan's friends.

I haven't met the guy since she started dating him, but have seen his picture and I know him from college. Although he had to relocate because of his father's business.

He is one of Ethan's good friends and business partners, we kind of bump into each other when I was married to Ethan. He did not attend the wedding so he came to apologize, he is very nice and friendly.

I'm contemplating going, my ex will be there with his family, my parents will also be there with my brother, I was thinking of not going but screw them.

I am going for my sister, not them.

My business has been going well, but nobody knew I was Dave's partner. People know he was not the only one running the show and that he has a partner, but nobody knows it's me, heck they don't even know if it's a lady or a man.

I mean our restaurant ranked #3 in Europe. We got an award for it and I was so proud of everyone working for us.

Also, I had to move to America three months ago because the business there was not going well.

Although that was not the only reason, Amanda and her family also moved to America two years ago which was hard for my daughter because she was so close to the triplet.

They were and still are best of friends. So when I told her we were moving to America she was so happy and excited to reunite with her friends.

I was happy as well, I miss Amanda and her family. So I told her to look for a place for me but she said I should just move in with her because her house was big enough for which I refused.

But she, being Amanda, did not listen. So I rented an apartment close to her house so that it will be easier for us and our children to visit each other.

My sister's wedding is in America, more reason for me to be here. I was looking forward to it. She also invited Amanda and her family.

It was the day of the wedding, Amanda was the one that designed my dress and my daughter's too.

It was so beautiful. Amanda and her kids came with us, we got to the reception a little bit late.

My name was called out, I had to make a speech for my dear sister, people were shocked to see me especially my family.

What did they expect, did they think I was dead or something. I mean my family and Ethan were shocked to see me. I finished my speech. 

My sister came to hug me and told me, "I am so happy you came. I thought you changed your mind".

I held her, "I would never miss your wedding, even though I don't want to see some people but you are more important to me".

Ethan Pov


After my divorce from Raven, I was not myself. I was so angry and hurt that she would do that to me
I loved that girl.

I told my parents about the divorce and what she did. My dad was furious with me. My mom was disappointed in me.

She asked if the pictures were real because to her eyes they didn't seem so. I told her I found it on my office table. I was too damn angry to check if it was photoshopped.

She called her PI to check it, which came out to be fake. We tracked it down and found out it was my assistant that did all this simply because she was in love with me.

Like what the hell, I would never go for a girl like her, she was too fake. 

Oh, God! What have I done? I didn't trust my wife enough. I believed some stupid photoshopped pictures and that cost me the love of my life. How could I be so stupid?!

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