Chapter 4

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I told Amanda and Margaret about the restaurant idea, they told me it was a good idea and Matt told me his friend loves cooking so maybe the two of us could start the business together.

After my appointment to check on my baby, who is very much healthy, I'm 6 months now, I met up with Matt. He wanted me to meet his friend so we can start up the business together.

We went to this cafe down the street. I ordered my drink and so did Matt. We talked a little and he got a call from his friend that he will be there in a minute.

I was so shocked to see who came in it was Dave!

"Dave! Oh my God! What are you doing here?" I hugged him.

I was so happy to see him, he was shocked as well. I mean we were best friends, still friends though we lost contact.

I and Dave go way back. We are childhood best friends. He was so handsome, his tall, brown eyes, he was so cute. When we were in high school, I always had a crush on him so one day I told him about my feelings but he said that I was like a sister to him.

I was crushed, I wanted to run away. He held me and told me he would be happy to date me if he was into girls.

To say I was shocked was an understatement but what can I do? I always knew he had a thing for guys, but I had my doubts I was happy for him.

He made me promise not to tell anyone, that he wanted to tell his parents first which did not go well.

His parents disowned him immediately, he had to leave the state to stay with his aunt.
That was the last time I saw him.

Although we did talk for a few months, I lost contact. Seeing him here, I was so happy. I mean we had so much to talk about, and we did. I told him everything that was going on in my life. He was angry. He knew Ethan. It was because of him pleading with me to give Ethan a chance, if not I don't think I would have dated him.

You need to see Ethan then, he looked like a playboy. A lot of girls were crushing on him, even the most popular cheerleader Violet was also crushing on him so I did not think I had a chance.

Even when he asked me out I refused thinking he just wanted to sleep with me. Dave made me understand that Ethan was not like that and he had only had sex with one girl which was his girlfriend who cheated on him.

Who would cheat on someone like Ethan, he was so handsome and caring. Well, look where that got me.

We started making arrangements to open our restaurant as business partners. I was really happy to see Dave, he told me that his parents came back to apologize and accepted him the way he is. He told me he was married and had two kids. I was really happy and wanted to meet his family but he said they were not in town.

Then we started talking about opening our restaurant and we agreed to combine our money. We started small which was great, we rented this small place and started it, in no time the place was booming with people.

We met business people who helped us with loans and we started making plans to build the restaurant in a different country like I said the business was roaring.

~3 Months Later~

I gave birth two weeks ago. Yeah, it was not easy. Thank God my sister came to visit else, I would have given birth at home alone.


I was so happy that my sister came to see me. We were talking about my work when I felt something wet on the floor.

My sister asked, "did you just wet yourself?"

"Haha, very funny dumbass, my water just broke", I retorted.

"Oh my gosh!"she started screaming, moving up and down.

She turned and asked me, "Why are you so calm?".

"Oh If Only You Know How Am Feeling Right Now You Won't Say That Shit To Me! Just Fucking Take Me To The Hospital You Little Shit!" I screamed in pain.

"Geez ok calm down" she replied.

It wasn't easy but I finally did it, I gave birth to a baby girl.

My baby girl is so cute, I named her, "Blue Crystal Carmichael".

Yeah, she has these gorgeous blue eyes that always seem to sparkle when she is happy. I know what you are thinking, why didn't I give her Ethan's last name, hell no I will never do that not after what he did to me.

I did move out of Amanda's house. They had to relocate, Amanda's husband got promoted to work in another branch but he had to leave his country to work there and the pay was better so his family had to move with him.

Amanda begged me to relocate with them. But I didn't want to intrude in their lives anymore. I have Blue with me now.

Ever since Amanda got pregnant, she has been causing problems. she cries when her husband tells her she is getting huge, you don't want to be there when it happens.

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