Chapter 10

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      BEN'S POV

     I grabbed her hand, firmly, but not tightly, and started walking. I look out of the corner of my eye and I see her sneaking glances at me. But, I pretended not to notice, as well as a devilish smirk plastered on my face.

  "Hey, I forgot to ask you something," I stopped in my tracks, which caused her to stop as well, "What's your name?"

  She looked at me with slight surprise and she replied, "O-oh, sorry, it's (Name)." "(Name)... that's a pretty name. It has a nice ring to it." I looked at her and noticed that her face was bright red, which caused me to smirk and chuckle. She turned her head slightly away from mine, from embarrassment.

  "Why are you red, (Name)?" I smirk, as I nudged her arm in a teasing way. "S-shut u-up! I was embarrassed, ok?" She stuttered.

  I laughed and grabbed her hand again. "Ready to go inside now?" I asked, while looking at her. She nodded her head and we both walked to the old, rusty door.

  I opened the door and shouted, "I'M HOME!!" (Name) flinched as I shouted. "Geez, BEN!" I laughed nervously while rubbing the back of my neck, "Hehe, sorry, (Name)." She shook her head while smiling softly in saying 'it's fine.'

  Next thing I know, I hear thumping coming downstairs. Me and (Name) both turned around quickly and we saw everyone there. "Everyone, gather into the living room for an announcement." Slender's voice boomed across the hall.

  We all made it to the living room. Me and (Name) sat on the floor because every seat was take. Slender teleported into the living room, looked around and asked, "Where's Jeff, BEN?" Crap. I forgot about him. "Ummm... he actually went to go on a mini-killing spree to relieve some stress." I said nervously, avoiding eye contact.

  Slender sighed deeply while rubbing his temples in fustration. "Typical Jeff." Slender mumbled. "Well, we'll just have to continue without him, I suppose." We all nodded.

  "Will you come to the front of the room and introduce yourself, Miss (Name)?" Slender asked. Everyone turned to look at her. (Names)'s eyes went wide and she blushed in embarrassment. But, nevertheless, she nodded slowly and followed his request.

  She stood next to Slender and he put a hand on her shoulder, which made me slightly confused, but I shook it off, and he said, "It's ok my dear, don't be nervous. Take your time." (Name) seemed to be a little more comfortable now and a smile slowly made its' way across her lips. "T-thank y-you." "You're welcome, my child."

  Slender sighed and looked at all of us, "So... shall we begin?"

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