Being with them Includes:

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So my is a relatively neat person, he has his clothes put away in colour coordination with his rings and chains Inna little box on his desk.

Sonny has one of the biggest rooms of the house so that's nice I guess.

Sonny's room has a window that shows a view of the garden

You get to wear his pink fleece jumper 😍 (it's so fucking cute)
(it's on ASOS for £30 btw)

Cuddles on the sofa whilst eating takeout

He hums you too sleep while gently rubbing circles on your head with his thumbs / fingers (fucKk)

Sonny makes a really good cheese toastie


Sonny has a amazing taste in shoe-wear
(like honestly, his shoes are fucking fabulous)

his nose piercing is sexc af

Matching Leather bangles ⬇️

Matching Leather bangles ⬇️

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Living with Rye can be quite stressful as Rye is like a teenager, he's either hungry, tired or horny all the fucking time

Rye leaves his clothes fucking everywhere

Rye smells frikin amazing all the time

Hugs you from behind 🖤

Andy is hovering nearby

Sings in the showerrrrr

Kisses Andy to annoy you
(on the cheek)

Randy 24/7

Andy still standing nearby

Rye loves you more than anything

He spoils you


Rye is always telling you awful jokes

You always have to buy Rye spicy Doritos when you go shopping / to the shop



Brooklyn shows you loads of awful musician memes

Brook has an amazing clothing style

He's such a darl

You can just stare at him for hours he's that fUckIn beautiful

His JaCkeTs

Relatively clean 🤷

You can usually find Brook just standing in the middle of the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal (Honey Nut to be precise)

He makes coffee like a king

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