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It's been two weeks since Avani and Payton's fight. They agreed to try and work things out.
Today I would see him again.
I haven't talked to Payton since that night when i texted him, but i soon would be stuck with him on tour for about a month, without Avani. This should be interesting.

However my thoughts went to a happier place, as i thought about the other people i would see on tour, specifically Chase. Me and him have been FaceTiming every single day since we left playlist. Being able to see him in person again was going to be amazing. I miss everything about him. The way he smelt, his smile, but most importantly the way he made me feel.
I finished packing my bags and then loaded them up in the trunk of my car with the help of my mom.
She wrapped me up into a huge hug. I knew seeing me leave hurt her, but she was happy for me.
After saying goodbye, i hopped into the drivers seat and made my way to the airport.
This would be my first time flying by myself and to say i was nervous, was an understatement.
Luckily my seat was next to someone who looked to be around my age.
As we waited for the plane to take off i decided to chat with the guy next to me, to hopefully help calm my nerves.

"Hey i'm kenzie" i introduced myself

He looked over at me and greeted me with a smile. He had blue eyes and light brown hair.

"I'm Jack. Are you flying by yourself too?" he asked

"yeah, first time." i responded while fidgeting with my seat buckle.

Jack grabbed my hand and took it in his.

"Don't be nervous. i won't let anything happen to you." he rubbed his thumb over my hands.

i awkwardly laughed as i pulled my hand away from his. "t-thanks" i stuttered

"So what's waiting for you in LA?" he asked sensing by discomfort

"my boyfriend," i quickly stated
then i put in my earbuds as a subtle way to stop the conversation.

He must have not gotten the message though, because for the rest of the flight Jack tried starting up more conversations but a majority of the time i did my best to shut him down.

When the flight was finally over i quickly jumped out of my seat and made my way off the plane before Jack had the chance to catch up with me.

I made my way to baggage claim and grabbed my bags, and then began looking around for Chase.
After walking around for 10 minutes and i still couldn't find him, i was beginning to get worried. He wasn't answering my calls or text.
I was about to just call myself an uber, but then i heard someone yell my name.
i whipped my head around to see who it was. that's when i saw him.
Chase was surrounded by a sea of girls, which is probably why i didn't see him right away. I walked towards him and shoved my way through the fans to reach him. He wrapped me up into his warm embrace.

I could hear fans "aw" and "oooh" around us, but the only thing i focused on was Chase's hold on me.
"I wish i could hold you forever," he whispered into my ear sending goosebumps down my body.
My face blushed a bright shade of pink.
I released myself from Chase's hold and looked around. All the fans had their phones whipped out and pointed at me and Chase.
We smiled for some pictures and then finally made our way out of the airport and into his car. Anthony sat in the passenger seat waiting for us.
When he saw me approach the car and jumped out and wrapped me up into a tight hug. He squished my cheeks and grinned from ear to ear.
"Good to have you back kenzie." Anthony said taking my bags and putting them in the trunk. I thanked him as Chase opened up the door for me, hopping in along side me.
"You don't mind driving do you?" Chase asked Anthony
"Not at all." he said and then sat himself down in the drivers seat. Me and Chase sat together in the back. When we were on the road i began to realize how tired i was. I unbuckled my seat belt and laid myself across Chase lap.
I could feel Chase's fingers entangled through my hair as i slowly drifted off to sleep.


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liked by cynthiaparkerrr, paytonmoormeier, and 378,416 others
xlilhuddy; she fell asleep right after i took this picture 💜 she is too cute
tagged: @kenzie.matthews

paytonmoormeier the cutest
@xlilhuddy yup, MY girlfriend is pretty dang cute 😏

@luvanthony have fun trying to wake her up

@notnoen YAY kenzie is hereeee!!!!

@avaannii ughhh i already miss her sm 😪
@xlilhuddy now you know how i felt 😝


@cynthiaparkerrr can't wait to see you

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When i woke up i was in somebody's bed. I could feel someone's arms wrapped around my body.
I began to freak out, until i opened my eyes and realized it was just Chase. A took a deep breath and then planted tiny kisser all over Chase's face to wake him up.
Chase rubbed his eyes and then looked into my eyes. He planted a sweet kiss on my lips leaving me wanting more when he got up out of bed.
"Where are you going?" i whined
"Everyone is waiting for us downstairs." he replied with a smile.
I launched myself out of bed and down the stairs. Everyone stood up as they heard my footsteps echo through the house.

Noen ran over to me and tackled me in a hug. "Kenzieeeee" he screamed as he squeezed me tighter.
All the other guys come running over and joined in, so it was one big group hug.
I laughed when the finally let me go.
"Wow, i've missed you guys too." i said out of breath.
Cynthia stayed where she was sitting on the couch. When i looked over in her direction she simply waved at me and then looked back down at her phone.
I was catching up with the boys when we all heard a car honking outside.

Looks like the time had come, The tour bus was here.

I would be spending a month on tour with my best friend's boyfriend who was in love with me, a girl who was trying to steal my boyfriend, and a bunch of other horny teenage boys.

What could possibly go wrong?

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