Regrets & Tormoil

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I have finally used
My Little Miss Vicious mode
To push you away from my life.

I always tried to be there for you,
But you never let me.
Then again, it takes two to break a bond,
So, I was in the wrong, too.
Of course I was -
How could I not have been?
I was way more stupider than you
To think that I could take you on
And make you realise that...

Oh well, it's no use now.
I shall be on my way, except...
I can't. I'm unable to.
I feel like I made a huge mistake abandoning you.
I shouldn't have done that.
I should never have even thought of that.
I should've waited for you,
Like I always had in the past.

But, I had to draw the line somewhere.
It was getting painful by the day.
I couldn't stand to be hurt by you anymore -
Nor stand to hurt you any further.

I'm sorry it had to end this way -
I'm sure you didn't want it like that;
Neither did I -
I liked you,
I wanted to be there for you -
Your friend.

But, in the end,
It wasn't to be, it seems.
So, you initiated something
I myself wanted to do a long time ago,
When I first saw this coming.

It's over now,
Yet, these regrets stay with me
And the turmoil in my heart.
I know they'll always be there,
Trapping me in eternal hell.
But, I deserve it -
Deserve it for letting myself abandon you.

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