Chapter 7: Reunited

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Iosef was sitting in the living room area with his friend, who was playing a video game, when the two guards entered the room, carrying you in. Iosef looks over at them as they entered a room then they tied you to a bed post. Iosef asked them something in Russian but they didn't answer as they come out of the room and shut the door, leaving you all alone.

You leaned your head against the bedpost and began to cry. That moment of seeing those guys putting that bag over John's head, suffocating him, played in your mind and you become heartbroken at this. There was no way he got out of thought at least.

Outside, snipers were all around the safe house as they kept guard and did a sweep around the place. But one lucky, or unlucky, guard was pulled back and attacked by John, who was able to taken him out quietly.

"Will you stop playing the fucking video game?" Iosef asked his friend, who didn't hear him as he had headphones on and continued to play the game.

Outside, John had taken the snipers gun and had it trained on the safehouse. When the main guard asked of that section he was in cleared, obviously thinking he was talking to the guard, John told him that it was clear.

"Will you stop playing that fucking video game?" Iosef yelled  at his friend, who turned to look at him. But as he turns his head back to the TV a gunshot sounds out and goes right through his head. Iosef's jaw drops and he looks towards the window in fear as another bullet sounds out, hitting a guard outside.

"Get down, get down!" One of the guards yells and Iosef ducks down as John fires another bullet, hitting that guard. You could hear the commotion going on and you started to feel a bit relieved, this had to be John! John shot at another sniper as one of the guards goes to Iosef. "Come on, come on!" He yells. "What about the girl?" Iosef asked him. "Forget her. You are more important." The guard tells him and they make their way out of the room.

John made his way to the garage area and pushed the trigger button, activating the bombs he planted on all of the transportation. That way Iosef couldn't get away. Iosef and his guard make it to the garage but see the destruction before John shoots the guard, leaving Iosef all alone. Iosef looks around, scared, then begins to run when he turns around and John shoots him in the stomach. 

Iosef falls back and leans against one of the large crates then looks up as John walks over to him. "It was just a fuck'n..." Iosef started to say until John shoots him in the head. Then he walks away and start to head up the stairs where Iosef came down from.

You could hear guns going off and then the explosion from a floor below you. You then try to slink yourself down the ground as best as you could and then raised your foot to see if you could reach the door. Surprisingly, your foot was able to hit the door so you started to kick at the door as hard as you could. 

But then you heard footsteps coming into the room on the other side of the door and it made you stop. You were afraid that one of Viggo's men were gonna come back for you, that is until....

"(Y/n)?!" You heard a familiar voice called out. John! You thought, happily. Your breathing quickened and you began to kick the door to get his attention. You did this only a few times before you heard the doorknob turn, you pull your leg back and pull yourself closer to the bed when John enters the room.

You looked up at him with happiness and relief and you could tell he felt the same way as he comes over to you. He cuts the ropes off of the bedpost and then cuts them off of your wrist. Once he removed them, John pulled you to him, with one arm wrapped around your shoulders and the other caressing the back of your head as you immediately wrapped your arms around his waist whilst quietly sobbing into his chest.

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