Inside Canterlot University, one of the top students of the establishment was giving you and your classmates a tour around the spider research lab.
"There are over 32,000 known species of spider in the world," the woman explained while walking everyone through the research lab. "They're in the order "Araneae," divided into three suborders." while she explained, you look up and gazed in amazement, pointing over at the big microscope in the middle of the lab, thus piquing Oak's curiosity a little bit.
"This is the most advanced electon microscope in Canterlot," you whispered quietly.
While the lady explained more about the creepy crawlers, Sunset was getting uncomfortable around Flash and broke free from his arm to get some air. "Arachnids from all three groups possess varying strengths which help them in their constant search for food. For example, the Delena spider, family Sparassidae, has the ability to jump to catch its prey."
For the moment, you pulled out your camera and asked her, "School paper?"
"Mhmm," she nodded. With her permission granted, you focused your lens on the spider she showed and zoomed in to get a clear shot. Just when you had it, one of the bums behinds you nudged you right before you snapped the photo, making you glare at them. But they just chuckled about it.
'Fucking bastards,' you thought.
Sadly, you didn't have enough time to snap another shot and moved on to the next spider. "Next, we have the net web spider, family Filistatidae, genus Kukulcania. It spins an intricate funnel-shaped web whose strands have a tensile strength proportionately equal to the type of high-tension wires used in bridges," the woman explained as the spider inside demonstrated it's skills.
You aimed your camera at the spider and attempted to take a photo of it, but the same bum nudged you, making you growl in annoyance.
"Hey, leave him alone," Oak intervened, noticing your distress. The guys picking on you didn't seem to care and only made it worse by provoking your friend.
"Or what?" Bully #1 asked.
"Or his brother'll fire your father," Bully #2 answered jokingly, earning a high-five from the two scumbags behind you before Bully #2 grabbed your buddy's shirt collar while he still death glared at him ready to tear him limb from limb, or even worse. "What's big brother gonna do, sue me?"
Before things could escalate even further, Luna stepped in, "What is going on here?" Luna asked, silencing the bozos who were giving you and Oak a hard time. "The next person who talks will fail this course, now stop with this nonsense at once. I kid you not." she warned.
The bullies finally backed off and proceeded along with the tour. The woman who was giving it began explaining to the entire class, "This spider hunts using a set of reflexes with nerve-conduction velocity so fast that some researchers believe it borders on precognition. A spider-sense." While explaining that, you and Oak took a look at one of the other spiders in one of the other cages.
"Hey, look at that spider," he whispered.
"Some spiders change colors to blend into their environment," you whispered. "It's kind of like a of defense mechanism they use."
"Anon, what makes you think I would want to know that?" Oak asked, bored.
With the tour going on, you and Oak see Sunset, who's focused on the spiders in glass cages. You and Oak talked amongst each other, arguing about who should talk to her. You were far too shy to talk to Sunset, even though you were madly in love with her. So, you insisted that Oak chatted with her. He rolled his eyes and went over to talk to Sunset.
"Disgusting," Sunset said, looking at the spiders.
"Yeah, hateful little things," Oak replied, trying to get on her good side.
"I love them," she said, thus making Oak look like a fool.
"Yeah, me too," Oak said, looking even more stupid. Sunset turned to him, quirking an eyebrow, picking up on what he was trying to do, but just let him keep up the charade. "You know, spiders have the ability to change their color to blend into their environment. It's like a defense mechanism."
You overheard him and frowned at how he used your info like that as if he was a know-it-all, 'Oak, just how low can you possibly go?' you thought.
"--transfer RNA to encode an entirely new genome, combining the genetic information from all three spiders into these 15 genetically designed super-spiders," the science woman explained while Sunset noticed one of the glass cages empty.
"There's 14," Sunset said.
"I beg your pardon?" the woman asked, coming up to the empty cage Sunset pointed out.
"One's missing." Sunset explained.
The science woman looked at the empty cage, not knowing that the spider was directly over their heads and made a new home, waiting to strike. "I guess the researchers are working on that one."
"Do you know that this is the largest electronic microscope in all of Canterlot?" Oak egged on, only to get confronted by none other than Vice-Principal Luna.
"You were talking throughout that woman's entire presentation. Perhaps we should have a little talk about how we listen, shall we," Luna said, escorting Oak away from Sunset. You felt bad, but at the same time, you were relieved that he wasn't using your info to impress your crush. With your friend being lectured, you decided to some up the little courage you have to talk to Sunset.
"Hey... uh... could I take your picture? I need one with a student in it," you said.
"Sure, of course. Where do you want me, over here?" Sunset asked, pointing to the left-side of the counter where the spider cages were.
"Yeah, that's fine," you said.
"Don't make me look ugly," Sunset said with a smile, chuckling.
"That's impossible," you complimented.
Sunset blushed from how sweet your compliment was before recomposing herself, then smiled for the camera, placing one hand on the counter. You snapped a perfect shot. But... without paying attention, a certain missing web-crawler slowly, silently lowered its way down towards you. You snapped another photo of Sunset with an article in her hands like she's reading it.
"Was that good?" she asked.
"Great." you confirmed. Sunset posed again, looking like she found something in the article that piqued her interest, pointing at it and you snapped yet another perfect shot. As she did another pose and you snapped another good shot, the little spider landed on your right hand.
"Sunset, let's go," said one of her friends, causing her to stop what she's doing and go up to the girls.
"Wait... thanks," you called out. At that moment.. you felt a sharp pain on your right hand as the spider bit you and you yelped in pain, making it fall to the ground and crawl underneath the lab table, away from prying eyes, probably satisfied that it took its frustration out on humans. You were still shocked when you saw the bite mark the spider left and got a little worried that it might be infected.
"Anon, let's proceed," Luna called out. You did as she told and followed her. Little did you know, some of your DNA was about to undego a serious transformation within time.

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