The bite

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(This is wouldn't be made with the help of my friend IsraelYabuki thanks the help bro)

Equestria Girls harem x Spiderman Male reader

This story about you isn't for the faint of heart. If someone said your story is a happy tale, or that you were just an average guy without a care in the world, somebody lied. But this story, like every other story worth telling is all about you and a particular girl you liked since before you even liked girls. And the girl in question is known althrought Canterlot High... is Sunset Shimmer. She's everyone's favorite bacon-haired beauty and one of the most eligible bachelorettes around. Nearly every guy at Canterlot High School wanted to be her boyfriend, even you yourself.
Sadly, there are some problems with that: You're just too shy to ask her out and there was always that upstart jerk who would always pick on you every chance he got: Flash Sentry. Most guys at Canterlot High hated this cocky, overbearing bum for being with Sunset.
He wasn't an athlete though, but he was a talented guitar player with his own band. He's always hanging out with Sunset whenever she's not with her friends, the Rainbooms. And whenever Flash isn't hanging out with your crush, he's either flirting with other girls, practicing with his band or bullying you. Having this babbling, bumbling baboon mess with your lifestyle was gut-wretching, but what could you do?
As of right now, you were using every ounce of stamina just to stay with your school bus. You were banging on the door, shouting at the bus driver. "Hey! Stop the bus! Come on, open it up! This isn't funny!" However, all that shouting and banging on the door didn't do your lungs any favor, yet you kept trying. But the bus driver just kept laughing like it was a joke and kept on driving.
But then, your misery was eased when one of the girls went up to the driver saying, "Stop the bus! He's been chasing us for 4 blocks straight!" The sound of the other students groaning in disappointment pissed you off, though you were too tired to sass at them. Afterwards, you stepped on board, panting heavily. But then, you felt a crumbled up paper being thrown at you, making you glare at the other students, but all they did was laugh, trying to bask in your misery. Well... only a few of them laughed at you. The only ones who didn't laugh were Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Sunset.
As much as you were glad they didn't jump in, you weren't in the mood to sit with anyone. You went to walk over towards the back of the bus and glanced over at Sunset, who sadly, was wrapped around Flash's arm and he didn't like you gawking at his "girlfriend." But Sunset never made any commitment to him.
Flash signalled for one of his band buddies and they nodded before looking at you as you were about to pass them, but you were then tripped and fell on the floor with a thud and a grunt before hearing the sound of the other students laughing at you, minus the rainbooms. Just then... "That's enough!" shouted AJ. "Y'all should be ashamed o' yerselves, pickin' on an innocent guy just fer fun! How would y'all feel if y'all were on the receivin' end o' that there damn jackass' foot?!"
Quickly, everyone shut up and then AJ helped you back on your feet. "Thanks..." you said.
"Not a problem, sugarcube. C'mere an' sit," she said, giving you a spot between her and Rarity. You sigh and sat down in the middle and didn't say anything else. "But, Anon, ya can't keep lettin' that Flash feller push ya around like that, pretty soon, yer gonna reach yer breakin' point an' you'll have to stand up to him. If ya want ma advice, teach 'im a lesson when the time is right."
"Uh... I suppose I'll... try." you replied. And so for the remainder of the drive, you said nothing. AJ didn't say anything so as not to push you into a losing battle.

Moments later, you arrived at Canterlot University. Everyone on the school bus got off and followed Vice-Principal Luna, the chaparone of the field trip. "Canterlot High Seniors! No wandering, proceed direct--" Luna called out before one of the students disrupted her speech by playing with a hacky sack. Luna caught it before giving that student a stern look, saying "Knock it off." Then directed her attention to all of the students once again and proceeded along with her speech. "Remember, it is a privilege to be here. We are guests of Canterlot University's Science Department. So behave accordingly."
As she continued, you proceeded to walk behind the group to avoid them messing with you. It's only then until you spot Sunset and couldn't take your eyes off of her. Sunset looked in your general direction with that bright, beautiful smile of hers that made you all giddy inside.
Sunset then waved and you were about to wave back... until you realized that her attention was directed at her dear friend, Pinkie Pie, who came up to her, thus feeling reality hit you like a ton of bricks. You turned your attention back to Luna after that little celebration was short-lived. "Let's not have a repeat of our trip to the planetarium, now come along, students. Proceed up the steps and into the building." With a sigh of defeat, you followed the other up to the Univsersity.
While you were walking, a car parked by the entrance and inside, two people were talking. "Hey driver, can you drop me off around the corner please?" said a male voice inside the car.
Inside the car, 4 people were inside. One was the driver, the others in the back were two boys and a girl who happened to be siblings. The girl on the right-hand side of the car was Gloriosa Daisy, the proud and sweetest owner of Camp Everfree. Sitting in the middle was her little brother, Oak Splinter and on the left was his older brother, Timber Spruce, who owns a large company known as SpruceCorp. Timber looked at Oak with a confused look on where he'd like to be dropped off.
"Why, buddy? The entrance is right there," Timber pointed out.
"Bro, these are public school kids, I'm not showing up for the field trip on the Rolls," Oak said, unamused and annoyed, obviously overreacting. Timber and Gloriosa looked at each other with concern since their little brother has had some trouble with the other schools Timber enrolled him in. His older siblings were in charge of looking after him because of their parents getting killed in a car crash. It's been a tough 7 years for them ever since they lost their loving parents, but Oak was probably affected the most.
"So... what, you want me to trade my car for a Jetta just because you flunked out of every private school I ever sent you to?" Timber asked, trying to resolve the matter as best he could.
"It wasn't for me!" Oak said, obviously ticked by the fact that his brother brought up those incidents. Recently, Oak had been kicked out of at least 3 private high schools with Crystal Prep being one of them. Mostly because he never really fit in with the stuck-up rich kids. So, he either got failing grades on purpose or by accident and even picked fights with kids who made fun of him.
"Of course it was," Timber said, trying to encourage him. "Don't ever be ashamed of who you are."
"I never said I was ashamed of who I am," Oak rebutted, deadpanned. "It's just..." Oak tried to find the right words, but couldn't come up with anything.
"Just what, Oak?" Timber asked.
"Oh, forget it, I'll just go," Oak replied, looking at his sister. Gloriosa opened the door and got out. Oak hopped out of the car and she hugged him before she climbed back in.
"Have fun with your new classmates, Oak," Gloriosa said before closing the door.
"Anon!" Oak called out. You turned around and smiled, seeing your best friend walk up to you.
"Hi Oak," you replied. You and Oak both began walking up the stairs until...
"Oak!" called out Timber. You and your friend stopped and turned back around, seeing Timber walk up to your friend with his backpack, which he forgot. "Won't you be needing this?" He hands him the backpack before Oak explains who his brother is to you.
"Uh, Anon, may I introduce my older brother, Timber Spruce."
"I've heard so much about you," Timber said, shaking your hand. You were using everything in your power to make sure you didn't freak out as you knew about the company Timber was in charge of.
"It's a great honor to meet you, sir," you replied.
"No need for the "sir," just call me Timber. Oak tells me you're quite the science whiz," Timber said. "You know, I'm something of a scientist myself."
"I've read all of your research on nanotechnology. Really brilliant," you said.
"And you understood it?" Timber asked, impressed with your interest in his life's work.
"Yes, I wrote a paper on it," you confirmed.
"Impressive. Your parents must be very proud," he praised with a small smile. Though, at the mention of your parents, you felt a slight pinch on your heart and not the good kind, but you brushe it off and told him about who's really looking after you at the moment.
"Actually, I live with my aunt and uncle, but yeah they're proud."
"Anon, Oak, let's not waste any time," Luna called out. You gave Timber one last handshake and walked towards your classmates with Oak next to you.
"He doesn't seem so bad," you said.
"Yeah, not if you're a genius," Oak joked, making you and him chuckle.

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