Her Violet Eyes - Part 6

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This sensation was oddly familier, yet... i couldn't do anything but struggle to wake up. The darkness was slowly creeping away, and i could feel my face, i tried opening my eyes and sitting up, i suceeded in opening my eyes. But i couldnt move

Set was still holding me.

"what the fuck! i didn't do anything!"

i was soooo pissed off, twice in a  day - or what i guessed was a day- was seriously over doing it, and what the hell does he do anyway! he kisses my neck, and as far as i knew that didnt normally make people pass out!

"ooo shes getting feisty Seth"

"i know, and im sorry Leighton, we had to do it for security purposes"


I struggled against him violently, and i managed to elbow him where it obviously hurts the most. Seth grunted in pain and his grip loosened.  I took my change and lurched forward of him, the car jolted and i rolled of the seat. I scrambed in my awkward position on the floor and managed to open the door, but before i could get out, Nathaniel was grabbing my shirt from behind. preventing me from moving, his other hand was closing the door. He was no longer smiling and cheerful.

"we had orders that you were ariving at our school, And that you had been expelled from your old one. The orders were that we had to pick you up, but there must have been a leak and they found you first, we were an hour late and we knew they had you already, so we intercepted you in some remote forrest too far south to be where our school is, Our guess is that they were going to murder ou, or hold you for randsom. So we killed 'Harold' your driver when you passed out, we didn't think you would like us doing that infront of you, and Seth had to knock you out anyway because we thought you woult be a liability and cause problems if we just tried to take you.."

Everyone was quiet when Nathaniel was talking, seth stopped grumbling and had resumed holding me in an even stronger grip, Dane was driving and not speaking at all, he didnt even look like he was breathing. And nathaniel... his voice was deeper, more serious he didn't look so fun loving anymore. As for me, my shock and disbelief must have been visible.

"so basically"- Dane was talking now- "We saved you from possible death, and WE are the ones taking you to Henningway high school, not 'Harold'. Harold was a fake"

i blinked a couple of times, it was all so stupid for me to actually be scared or frightened.

"you have got to be kidding me, is this like.. a sick joke or something? seriously what the hell!"

"you know your different from normal people, don't deny that. Have you ever woken up floating, or static shocked someone more that the usual ammount? Tell me you know what colour your eyes are"

"ofcourse i know my eyes are weird, the doctor jsut said it was a weird pigment mutation, nothing extraordinary"

"leighton, your eyes are VIOLET! they GLOW! seriously you didn't think that was weird?"

I guess Nathaniel was back to normal, he was now looking at me like i had denied him candy or something.

"i.... i just... i never thought much about it, i learned to deal with them... and they are kinda pretty"

"yeah they are beautiful, but you seriously never thought you were different?"

Seth made me blush again, no one had ever told me my eyes were beautiful, mostly i just got bullied for them.

"We have arrived"

Danes cool voice broke whatever tension i was feeling between me and seth.

Considering i hadn't been watching the road or any of the trip, it surprised me when i saw the car pulling up a long driveway.

"oh my god..."

my mouth dropped as i stared up at what seemed to be a castle, or a very large manor, it was beautiful.

"welcome to Henningway High School For The Gifted And Talented, Ms Leighton Chance"

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