Chapter II: The Parking Complex

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The Danger Game

Chapter II:

I walked through the parking complex of my apartment, the sound of my shoes scuffing echoing through the dead-silent parking garage. I sighed, and stared ahead of me. I could feel the presence of my keys pressing through my front right pocket, so apparently I'd managed to retrieve those before I left.

Thank you, brain!

I took out my iPod from my jacket pocket, and entered the passcode. Immediately, my music opened up, and I placed my earphones in. Before I knee it, I was bobbing my head to the sound of my 'purchased' playlist.

Continuing the path to my black Audi, I began to give in to the temptation of the newly-familiar music. A hum escaped from my lips, and I couldn't help but smile. RENT was always the way to make me smile, no matter what day of the week it was!

But back to the car. The sleek, newly-purchased Audi TT Coupe was my baby! I received it from my father a month ago, a several days after I'd become eighteen. I'd always told my father I'd wanted one, and oddly, he remembered. I'm just so glad he didn't purchase it in pink, or blue....or some weird color like that. He knew what I liked, though. Of course he did. After all, the man was my own father! You see, black is the perfect color for blending into your surroundings. The only reason heads turned was that it was...well, an Audi. Not a lot of people owned 'em, which just uncovers anything the black had happened to hide.

So I admired my car from a distance whilst walking to it. It was so shiny and perfect. I sighed and jammed my hands into my pockets, and bobbed my head once again to the music.

A light breeze tugged gently at the loose strands of my ponytail, and I shivered as it pricked at my exposed skin. But I just kept walking towards the car, tugging down my shirt. 'Damn; for seven in the morning, it sure as hell is dark outside!' I said to myself. Why, of all mornings, was there no one out here? It was as empty as a ghost town, and I was beginning to grow angry and irritated at my current situation. It wasn't getting any lighter, and the darkness was worse than the being alone.

What was more eerie than the haunting darkness what the flickering overhead garage lights. God, they bothered me with a passion! How the hell was I supposed to keep my cool if things were scaring the-


My pocket blared an unknown Avenged Sevenfold song, and I'd nearly jumped right out of my socks. That was so not cool....

I just thanked god that no one saw me.

Yanking the phone out of my pocket, I stared blankly at the caller ID. It took my eyes a few seconds to adjust to the dim lighting, but I finally read it. Vince - a close friend of mine. Though, I'll admit, I had the stupidest school-girl crush on him at the time....

But who wouldn't? He was intelligent, had a great sense of humor, and was probably the hottest guy on the entire planet...

Right next to Johnny Depp.

I flipped that phone open so fast, I almost dropped it. Stopping, I got involved fast.

"Hello...?" I whimpered lightly. God, it was like my brain went on vacation whenever I started to glance at the guy. But this? Whimpering helplessly? I was in deep. He wasn't even here, and yet the man gave me chills.

"Beatrice....hello there!" he called back. His voice rumbled in this throat, his faint French accent screaming out over the phone.

" Hey."

"Yeah, hi. You busy?"

"No, not really. Just walking to my-"

I was about a meter from the car when I heard it.


I gulped. "Hey Vince....can I call you back?"

"Yeah sure. Bea, is anything-" I clicked the phone shut before he could finish, and nonchalantly popped my earphones in. The last thing I needed was someone following me right now. Jesus, what bad timing!

Now, you see, my dad used to work for the CIA, so I picked up a few tricks that could help me out when I got nervous.

And I got nervous a lot. Let's face it, I'm a paranoid person.

So, to ease myself of being chased down by creepy, mysterious figures, I came up with a safety list that I always followed:

1. Never, EVER wear high heels. They're horrible to run in. They also make that horrid clicking nose which is a dead giveaway if you're actually trying not to get killed. Note, I am always wearing sturdy, closed-toed shoes.

2. Always make sure you can hear your surroundings. I do this by turning my music volume down low. I also have a pair of volume-control earbuds.

3. Always have a back-up plan or escape route. Mine is to park in front of the stairs. That way, if my car doesn't start, I can run.

4. Always stay in a group or public. No dark alleys. It's easier to escape an harder for your attacker to find you. It's a win-win situation.

5. If everything else fails? Run. That, and always have a mobile device nearby. Calling for help doesn't always work, but it could come in handy.

Considering that there are only five, they're easy to remember. Except there's just one problem - I broke rule number 4. I'm not in a group or public place, and it's dark outside. Double-whammy.

Boy, I didn't think this through.

As I approached my car, I fingered the pepper spray I keep in my pocket next to my keys. 'Hopefully, that won't come in handy...'

Now, I was going to turn and face this guy. Oh, he had it comin'!


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