Chapter 1: Prelude

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Part 5

In the past

It's only been a few years since my grandfather disappeared and at the same time however, considering what happened to my family in the last year it's tragic. Since that instance, nevertheless, I defeated Steve, I avenged my family's death, and even managed to protect a forest from being burned to the ground along with saving the last remnant of a tribe that lived there.

And yet, I am still no closer to the truth behind my grandfather's disappearance. Now my new ally and I, having left Xaolyn Timber Forest behind, start off on our new journey to Shine Solstice. I don't know what we will find their upon arrival, but we can only hope.

As we continued our journey, the environment around us started to change. It had been about a week since the Fuse Master incident, when we left and continued our journey north towards the Arid Tundra a desert region between the Forest and the volcanic region. The temperature there is said to be unbearable but not unlivable.

Anything can happen there if preparations are not taken carefully. Shane and I were aware of this and prepped meticulously before leaving the forest. However, the trip across was not to be taken likely. If fortune smiles upon us, we may be able to rest at the lost city Vaporium in the mist of the desert.

The city of Vaporium was the legendary city of the sand and water. A city built of a many different kinds of rock and sand alike. This city was nourished by a single river that spanned the center of the desert called the Turrent Straite. The river was about a mile in distance from shoreline to shoreline and had a width of half a mile. The river flowed from north to west with a very strange nearly sharp curve as it ran west to north; almost like the corner of a perfect square.

The city was said to be built in the mist of that curve as to act as a defensive measure. The year of its creation was sometime in the early 3000's, though there isn't enough proof to back this claim. This city only had one way in from the west gate and to the north outside the city was a military bunker. The military bunker though it has access to the city for emergency deployment; it was hidden underground as to not be found. The city had a very stern yet strong militia. If it still stood today it would have been a great military power. They were known for their druid soldiers and arid marksmen. This isn't to say that their desert tanks known as the Land Rovers weren't famous enough. This city was the only place they could be manufactured. It is truly a disappointment.

Unfortunately, the city was destroyed by a somewhat unnatural sandstorm during the Aurora Anime Rebirth. When the storm hit, it lasted for an extended period beyond any other storm as if it was being controlled by an outside source. It came unannounced and without warning and lasted over a week. Everyone and everything were instantly buried under miles of sand and rubble. The walls as well as its military facilities were destroyed. The city was said to be lost. All that remains is a ghost of the once great city. A city in ruins.

Despite this fact it is said that within the city holds a great secret. An unknown treasure of sorts. In my search for my grandfather, I'm hoping to find a clue here and figure out the secret behind this eluded treasure. Only time will tell.

After what felt like months on camel back, we finally reached the Arid Tundra or rather its border. Not too far off from it was a rather large oasis. It appeared to be booming with business from all lands and locations. We decided we should replenish our supplies and be on our way.

However, doing this might spell disaster for us if we are found out. So, we decided that disguising ourselves, as we each journeying to the oasis city to gather information and restock would be the best call.

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