♢♢Halloween Special♢♢

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Silver have never been to a Halloween party or even celebrate the spooky holiday for that matter.

The reason as to why was still unknown to his close two friends. But he played it off as never having enough time to celebrate it.

And now he's given the opportunity to.

So here he is.

Waiting at the doorway to his shared room with Hikari, waiting for Y/n to notice them. But she's putting the final touches to her outfit.

He never really thought she'll ever wear something like this. But apparently, her and Lisanna make up specific themes you have to wear for each year.

The last time Y/n celebrated Halloween, the specific theme was Angels. And so she wore an angel outfit.

But she haven't celebrated Halloween after that year due to some...well...There's no reason to worry about it! Especially since she's back and pretty much alive.

Silver cleared his throat as loudly as he can, keeping a cheeky smile on his face.

Y/n stopped tugging on her skirt --that she was pretty reluctant to wear-- and let her eyes wander to her doorway. She stared at the two with a poker face, her eyebrows furrowing and she could already tell who they are.

Silver had ice on his left side, completely covering that left side while his right was designed with some flames that seemed to dance due to a spell he casted on himself.

Hikari decided to went with the obvious person to complete the duo.

Her wearing red boots and a green suit that closely resembles one of her favorite cinnamon rolls. She even decided to dye the fur on her ears.

What these two have forgotten that it was a Halloween party and not Anime Con.

Y/n snorted slightly and shook her head with a small smile, turning back to the mirror and seeing if everything is alright with her outfit.

"I'm sure you can already tell who we are." Hikari said, glitters sprouting around her as she posed with her partner.

A small chuckle left the girl's lips as she equipped her knee-high black boots she got just the other day.

"I think it's pretty cute." She remarked, now pushing out two black horns. Surprising by how all what had happened during the past year, she have changed....slightly.

Silver did a dramatic gasp and placed his hands on his hips.

"I'm far from cute." He stated, turning away dramatically from the sweat-dropping female.

"You do realized it's a Halloween party right?"


"Shouldn't you wear something....you know...scary? Or maybe even spooky or something to fit the mood."

The two shook there head, Hikari deciding to speak up.

"We have a banana suit in the closet. It's either that or cosplay."



"Thanks Y/n! Very much appreciated!" Hikari exclaimed as she walked next to the flustered female. She crossed her arms over her exposed stomach and chest, trying to get as much coverage as possible.

"Well, I'm in no position to judge your outfits.." She mumbled, her eyes shut in sheer embarrassment.

Silver simply awed at his surroundings as he and his two friends walked down the streets of Magnolia. The street lamps were replaced with tall pumpkins that emitted either a green, orange or purple.

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