she walked by

8 0 0

like last January, she came and went
he didn't get a chance
to tell her what she meant

words wouldn't have done
justice to his heart's desires
just one look was enough
to set his veins on fire

a bloodrush – a simple gesture of the tongue
furtive eyes to the rescue, fluttering and such

excuse me, but have you seen the one
with eyes glowing like a flaming sun;

body curvature meanders in the valleys above
you wouldn't have, I'm sure – she likes to stay
out of sight, out of mind. She comes and goes away;

like the January that could not wait –
a sleet of cold ice and she dissipates

footsteps covered in fresh coats -
the winds breathe slow

the valleys echo her laughter, she is the sand and snow
the heartbeat of the earth, as the seasons that come and go.

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