Chapter 15: Smoke and Mirrors

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For the rest of the party, you and Peter kept your distances just to be safe. You were kind of internally freaking out anyways, so you needed some time to process. You swayed around the party, got to dance a few times with Steve, Bucky, Sam and even Tony danced with you. Once the party started getting a little wild Peter said his goodbyes and told you he'd text you later. You were dying to kiss him good night before he left but Tony was with you and it was impossible. So, you sent him a sweet and somewhat sad smile that he returned. He knew and he wanted to give you a proper goodbye too, but it just wasn't worth it.

"Dance with us, Y/n!" Wanda called from the middle of the room to you where she was dancing with Carol.

"I don't third wheel!" You yelled back with a smirk and she rolled her eyes.

You made your way back to the hallway where you and Peter had been. It was eerily quiet even though there was a party raging on just beyond the doors. Tony had excellent sound proofing. You strolled through and couldn't wipe the smile off your face, you were practically giddy. You'd never let anyone see this side of you, so you only let yourself fully feel like this when you were alone.

There was the sudden noise from the party and then the doors closed again, shutting it out. You spun around to see the man of the hour himself.

"And Stark makes an appearance." You smirked, crossing your arms.

"Only to check up on a fellow Stark." He shrugged, hiding his smile.

"It's not official yet." You said almost disappointingly, but then forced a smile, "It's very unlike us to not enjoy a party when it's in full swing."

"Shall we?" He asked, holding out his arm.

You linked your arm with his and he led you back inside. You shot him a smile and ran to the dance floor. You immediately found Wanda and Sam who were swaying to the music. You started doing a crazy dance, making them laugh and join you. Soon you had everyone following your insane moves and cheering you on.

You danced for what felt like hours, just enjoying yourself and forgetting anything that was weighing on you. You only stopped when the party started to die down and went up the stairs, looking over at the party. You pulled your phone out and saw that Peter had texted you.

Peter: Hey! Just got back and I miss you 😊

Peter: Can I tell aunt May about us?

You smiled to yourself and texted him back.

Y/n: Of course, you can tell her! And I miss you too, dork

You shut your phone off, noticing it was almost two in the morning and he'd probably be asleep by now. Sam came to stand next to you with a smirk plastered on his face.

"What's up birdman?"

"Talkin' to your boyfriend?"

"He's not my boyfriend." You rolled your eyes and had to keep yourself from smiling, oof, maybe this was gonna be harder than you thought.

"Barnes saw you guys kissing by the buffet table."

"What?! Dammit James."

"Did you tell him you know?" He asked, quieter.

"I don't know anything." You shrugged, and then sighed when he cocked his eyebrow at you, "I was gonna ask him, but he just looked so..."


"Cute." You corrected with a scoff, "I couldn't do it. When he wants to tell me, he'll tell me."

"When he tells you, are you going to act surprised?" He asked, raising his eyebrows in curiosity.

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