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Zoro burst through the door shaking off any loose snow still latched onto his body before stepping in. Law following close behind copying his actions closing the door behind them.

“Do you really think she's smart enough to remember her way home Zoro-ya?” Law spoke, his words colder than the winter chill. Zoro clicked his tongue, annoyed with the emo’s attitude.

“Listen here Doc Mcstuffins stop being a smartass and help me find our dog.” Zoro sighed, chucking off his boots and unzipping his coat only to zip it right back up with a shiver. 

“It's cold!” 

“Actually I find it quite humid in January” law smirks, relishing in the moss balls reaction. 

“Shut.up.I'm talking about the house! Isn't the heat supposed to be on?” Zoro walks over to the thermostat. Making sure he wasn't going crazy. Apparently, he must've gone insane because the thermostat was split right down the middle.  The screen black and lifeless. Law peered over his shoulder and lowered his gaze at the small machine “weird.” he mumbled reaching to touch it but his hand jerked back when he hears a bark from around the corner. 

The boys both look at each other before booking it for the back porch. Pushing past the narrow hallway and into the spacious wooden porch. That's where you are, sitting there tail wagging, tongue out, and jumping around in circles. The boys throw their arms around you. Taking in your scent of pine and snow. 

Law was the first to bop you on the snout his lips curled back to a nasty frown.

“Don't you dare do that again!” he snaps at you harshly. 

You lower your head in shame. He's right you shouldn't have run off like that but it's not like you can tell them you hate needles. The bruises on your arm are enough proof of that. You whine softly, tail tucked between your legs, your head hovering over the slick wood floor. Wallowing in your puddle of shame. 

Law tried to fight back a choke in his throat attempting to harden his heart. He knew you need to be disciplined for your actions but the way you looked at him with those big watery eyes shot through his heart. He sighs. Standing to his feet to close the door behind you oblivious to the coat and hat hid amongst all the others. 

“Nom, Noms?” he spoke softly a small blush fanned across his face at the silliness of the words. Luffy was to blame for that, he was too lazy to create a full sentence so instead, he used ‘eat eat’ as a solution for informing you of dinner time. You bark excitedly. 

‘Heck yeah I'm hungry!’ you cheer mentally. Drooling at the thought of what's on the menu you hurriedly tug on his shirt causing Law to nearly lose his footing. Luckily you were big enough for him to shift his weight onto you. 

“For christ's sake ___! aren't wolves supposed to fend for themselves?” he questions angrily. You stare at him for a moment. Slowly inching your face closer to his until noses are pressing to each other. No one moved. Even though you had a child-like personality you still bore the features of a wolf. Fierce glowing eyes, an intimidating size, and all of the above. You are a warrior of the forest who should not be messed with. 

Even Though this is true you are damn near the weirdest creature this family acquired. And they have a Luffy.

 Zoro watched the scene before him frowning at the behavior of his canine companion. You had your mouth open with weird clicking noises coming from it. You reminded him of a video where the cat sat there and clicked, rather than a meow, at their owner. The bad part is that Law lets this happen to him. Staring in disbelief at his memeing dog in front of him. Again another thing to blame Luffy for when he gets home. Zoro deciding that now is a good time to break you two apart starts to shoo you over to the kitchen.  

“You and Luffy spend to much time together.” the greenette mumbled. He digs through the fridge pulling out some leftover KFC from last night and into a bowl. Setting it in the microwave, typing the time, then leaned casually against the counter. 

Now that the house was beginning to reclaim its warmth you decide to go back to meddle with Law but saw him observing the broken thermostat. 

“Strange. It's a clean cut.” he talks to himself his hand ghosting over the broken device before him. 

“Looks like I have to call the electrician again. Shit do we even have enough money to cover this?” there was a gleam of pain in Law’s eyes and you feel like this is somehow your fault. You watch as Law lays a hand over his face those dark purple circles around his eyes are enough to prove that he’s tired. 

‘I had no idea that they struggle so much’ you think ‘maybe...maybe I can get a job too? I can do my part too!’ with your heart filled with determination you lick laws hand attempting to cheer him up. It works! Law fought back a smile and lost terribly as he wraps his arms around your neck and nuzzles into your thick winter coat.

“You're too cute for me babygirl.” 

‘Oh my goodness! He gave me a nickname! Yes!’ you wiggle your ears happily and Law releases you from his hold heading to the kitchen to fix up some dinner. 

You silently wait until you are completely alone to begin your investigation. 

“Someone was here” you whisper, leveling your nose to the ground smelling the wooden floor.

“There's a scent but its weak. They got us when we were...out” You keep sniffing but when you finally get to the thermostat your snout scrunches and your eyes glow in frustration. You remember this scent, then again, how can anyone forget the stench of death? your lips curl into a nasty snarl when you spot a single pink feather sticking out from the sole of Laws shoe. 

“That son of a bitch.” you curse. 

Plucking the feather from his shoe you stare at the damned thing until it's set ablaze. Dull Blue magic forms around the burning object, you watch as your spell displays an episode from Laws memories. 

It shows Law and Luffy in a room full of kids who sit and watch a woman write something down on a chalkboard in a different language.

“Is...is this what the boys do all day? Now I know why they sleep so much,” you observe the woman who speaks to the kids when she slides her finger beneath the written sentence. Slowly the woman turns to face the class and your magic cracks from your anger.


You uncast the spell swiftly dissipating the ashes into nothing. Thumping a steady rhythm on the floor with your tail you process this information.

" Looks like I'm going to school."

~ happy Halloween guys! Sorry I've died and passed to the spirit world for a bit. It's senior year and I go cocommonest year! More on the way!

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