Beginning of Everything

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A long time ago, presumably in the beginning, the birth of The Universe, space was created. Time flowed immediately after The Big Bang exploded and gave birth to our home. Galaxies were created following centuries, millenia even. The temperature of The Universe cooled down over time, allowing planets to be created. But, not only stars, planets, galaxies were created. Pure ice, pure snow, and pure frost was created, but not able to last a lot longer than several microseconds.

After the first planets were created, and after several of them supported life on its basic states, the three elements, not special apart from being beautiful in winter, were able to exist permanently. So, after the first living organisms evolved on a certain planet, human beings appeared for the first time, roughly 8 billion years after the creation of The Universe. But, not normal humans. The beings with complex enough brains and body systems, but with a twist. The power of complete control over the same three elements that came first on the planet. Ice, snow and frost. Also known as Cryokinesis (ice manipulation), Frigokinesis (snow manipulation) and frost manipulation. Over millenia, the humans, now dubbed as Cryomancers, settled among villages on their planet, farming, and doing most basic things a new civilization does.

Time passed, and The Cryomancers grew stronger in their power, learning new abilities in the field of their powers, building cities made from the three elements. The first wars started between The Cryomancers and other gods of elements, such as The Pyromancers (fire related powers), The Aeromancers (wind and air related powers) and The Hydromancers (water related powers). In the wars, The Cryomancers were always successful, beating other gods in epic battles. The first weapons emerged.

And a sword...

A sword that has the ability to freeze anything and everything down to absolute zero, and because of its power, even lower.

A sword dubbed "The Lord of The Winter Empire" by gods of Ice, Snow and Frost.

A sword with such power, that even the warlords, gods themselves, feared the sword to their bone.

And died at the hands of the people, the gods, who wielded them.

And the ones unlucky to fall and bow down to the sword.

And to the Gods.


There ya go, you happy? School's been getting in the way of my story writing, which sucks anyways, so... I have to do a presentation about Elon Musk tomorrow (by my time), so I may not update til Saturday. If I somehow make it tomorrow, I'll update. Til then, stay cool, my cryo brothers and sisters.

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