Chapter 3

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My sister did talk to me, we went to a café and I explained everything to her. She believed me and told me to come to stay with her in her apartment. I refused. I told her I wanted to leave town. I needed to clear my head.

She said, "It's your life I can't dictate how you live it".

She made me promise to call her and tell her what was going on in my life, she even said she would come to see me off when I was leaving.

I was so happy that my sister was going to be in my life. When I got to Margaret's house. I told her what had happened. She was a little bit sad but still happy that at least someone in my family still wanted me around.

When Amanda came back from visiting her friends, I told her everything she was happy about. I thought about it hard. There was nothing left for me here, so I turned to them "I would love to go with you to Mexico''

"Yeah!!" they both shouted.

They were very happy about my decision, so we started preparing for our journey.

I invited my sister over, she met both Amanda and Margaret. She immediately hit it off with Amanda. They talked about fashion and design.

Well, I did find out that Amanda is a fashion designer and my sister wished to be one. They talked about it and I was delighted to have my sister here with me. She came to see me throughout the week before we left.

We had fun. I also told her I was pregnant. She was so excited and scared for me.


"I'm pregnant," she gasped.


"Yes really", I nodded.

"Oh my gosh, this is amazing, best news ever. But you will be alone, why don't you stay? I can look after you and the baby" she continued to ramble.

Amanda was busy glaring at her, she cleared her throat saying, "You forget she's going to stay with me, so you don't need to worry about her".

"Of course, I'll worry she's my sister after all,'' she replied.

"I'm so happy for you", she hugged me and started screaming, "I'm going to be an aunt".

Flashback over**

I went to see my family one last time. It was like they didn't give birth to me, they took my pictures down, threw my cloth away from the way they stared at me like I was disgusting to them.

How could my parents treat me like this? l am starting to think they are not my real parents, maybe they adopted me or something. I wish they could hear my side of things, I mean am I their daughter right? Why will they just believe what my husband said, sorry, I mean my ex-husband?

So I also decided since they disowned me, I changed my last name, I did not use my parent name anymore I changed it to "Raven Carmichael" at least this way nobody would be able to find me, well except for my sister, and by the way, she is very good at keeping secrets.

My sister came to see us off, she started crying before we even went to the airport.

"Why are you crying?'' I asked, she held me and said, "I am going to miss you so much".

I started crying as well. I think the pregnancy hormones are kicking in. We held each other one last time.

Has a la vista baby! Hello Mexico! Here's to new beginnings.

~4 Months Later~

Being in Mexico is exciting, I mean I had fun going to places. I met Amanda's husband Matt, he was so nice I wish he was my husband just joking.

Matt and Amanda made sure I felt at home. They made sure I was happy and what can I say I am happy. I mean very happy I mean come on, I am with a child so why won't I be happy?

I started looking for work but Amanda told me not to stress that they were going to take care of me but I refused as I was bored being cooped up in their house.

So I started teaching in this school, though the pay was not much. I was okay with it, I mean teaching kids was fun and I was happy seeing them smiling and happy.

I was beginning to forget about my ex-husband which was great I mean I also want to be happy so I started going out on dates, but once I told them I was pregnant, they made up stupid excuses to leave.

I mean why will they even stay with someone like me, I was broken but I was glad to be here. Have been here for four months and it is great but I need to make more money, don't get me wrong. I love teaching but I can't stay with Amanda forever.

I needed to start making plans to open my restaurant. I love cooking, I was good at it. I mean come on even Ethan enjoys my cooking.

When we were together I told him I wanted to have a restaurant but he refused and said, "You don't need to work. I have all the money and I don't want any man staring at my wife". Always possessive and jealous. I'm thinking of him again.

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