Chapter 4-halloween sex is spooktacular

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"UGHHH UGHHH UGHHHHH UGHHHHH UGHHHH!" Kyle was thrusting as hard as he possibly could. My boobs bounced and jiggled as he fucked me.
"YES YES YES YES! Oh FUCK! Don't stop! Oh fucking rape me!" I cried out. Kyle's mouth met mine and we kissed. His tongue tangled with mine in ecstatic pleasure. He moans and thrashed his tongue wildly in my mouth. I sucked it forcing him to squeeze me tighter. Kyle then pulled me to my feet and spun me so I was facing the front door. Two huge tentacles quickly wrapped around me. And squeezed me tight. I quickly grabbed them trying to free myself but it was useless. I didn't want to leave, I just did it out of instinct. But Kyle loved when I struggled. I spread my legs and he penetrates me again. Another of his tentacle cocks joins in and squirms hard inside me next to its twin. I'm so full.
"Come to bed with me!" Kyle says.
I nod and Kyle quickly scoops me up and carries me to his bedroom. I kick my legs playfully and squirm wildly. Kyle squeezes me tighter and tighter!
"Your not getting away my sexy princess!" Kyle says kissing me and ravaging my mouth. I face his bedroom door and Kyle resumes fucking me. I scream and moan wildly. I am already soaked and I'm cumming hard! I love Kyle. His tentacle cocks are deep inside me. I can feel them against my stomach. I cry out but immediately I'm silenced by a thick tentacle cock already dripping with pre-cum. I moan as it entered my mouth.
"Mmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm!" I moan as I'm face fucked. I am so horny it's insane. I love Kyle more and more.
Kyle Fucks me harder and harder. He's wanting to cum inside me.

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