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Success!  I finally got in.  I immediately ejected the card and play all the videos to expose Mr.  Park.

I was sitting chill in front of the computer while hearing two dickheads whining beside me.

I wonder what agency are they from,  the doesn't even have any skills,  I wonder how they get in.

I was waiting for Chaeyoung when a gun shot was heared.  Fuvk.

I immediately run to wear it came from,  there were like three shots coming from Agent M's office,  good thing the agents who were released by these morons find their way back to take over the place.

Her I come kicking the door,  showing Agnet M's situation,  she has 3 shots one on her shoulder and two on her stomach,  blood were all over the floor.

The guys caught by Chaeyoung as she jump right down coming from the ceiling to th guys place.

I run my way to Agent M amd ask for help,  it is a lot of blood loss.

" Stay with me Agent,  we'll call for help " she trusted me,  we have to save her. I am panicking because of her situation.

I was about to pick her up when a little spark fired up from the gunshots.

" You really are The Ace " I said and I put her down coveeing her face.



" I will save you Lisa " Jennie said looking at who she thought her lovers duplicate.

" You already saved me Jen,  long time ago " the other said and kissed the older passionately.

They stopped to catch for their breath. Jennie look at Lisa in her eyes.

" Is it really you?  " she ask crying while gripping Lisa's shirt.

The Agent then cup Jennie's face and wipe her tears with her thumb.

" You remember?  Lili?  Thats was me, I'm sorry I haven't saved your Mom back then but I'll do my best to protect you " she said while eyeing tge girl in front of her.

She was about to kiss the girl in front of her when a strong slap covered her left cheek.

" That is for that I am only your subject,  for hurting me,  for lying to me, for making me feel worry " Jennies said and now she's hitting Lisa's chest.

" I hate you! " Jenimnie is a crying mess in front of Lisa.

Without other second,  Lisa hug Jennie tight not letting the small girl escape her embrace.

" I'm sorry,  I should have told you,  but even I, I didn't know who was I,  I am sorry for knowing it all to late,  but i promise you Jen,  what ever I made you feel that was real. I am real,  I am here " Lisa said with her sweet voice.

" How will I know Lisa?  Tell me how to trust you again?  " Jennie ask in a low tone.

" I have no idead Jen,  I am new to this and you know that, but let me prove you that what we had was real and none of them were made up " she said caressing Jennie's back.

" You have lots of explaining to do " I serious voice was heared coming from the door.

Lisa look at the two persons who are more scarier than her.

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