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We are now at Hanbins place since we are trapped I ask Mina to turn on the TV fo us to watch a show,  anything that will kill our boredom.

" Mina please turn on the TV " I ask the she oblige. She's watching a cartoon from Disney Channel as I continue thinking about Lisa.

What if she's not a robot?  Will she love me?  I hate her but I can't stop lovinge her,  I thought what we had was real,  that she's real.

There are lots ifs in my head right now and only the real Lisa can answer that for me. But will she face me?  I don't think so,  she told Hanbin that I'm just her subject this morning.

I am in my deep thoughts when Mina complained for the TV's signal.

The show was interrupted by a news channel it is when crisis arise. It immediately took my attention when LM's were mentioned.

It was said that they are under the control of one of the powerful organized crime.

It was not named but I guess it is a serious matter since it was shown in the television.

I am just watching and at the same time nervous since we're under the LMs security,  what if they are after us too?

" It was said that there is only one person left in the building, and itwas the anonymous ace, it was heard that he/she ask for their freedom in exchange of his/her head " after hearing those,  I didn't expect my world cam be more crashed.

I immediately stood up and run my way to Lisa's duplicate,  I cried hard.  I don't mind if I'm crying on a robot.

" Please don't leave me Lisa I love you babe please,  if you can here me please " I ask pleadingly. She's just staring at me with those brown orbes.

" Baby please I know you cam see this, I know you can here me, I know you can feel me, please escape for me, I love you " I am begging her and she just smiled sadly but didn't move an inch.

" Trust me " she said and tap my shoulder.

I didn't stop crying and just hug her more tightly,  I should hate her,  I should be happy that she'll be gone but I can't.

" Jennie you have to see this! " Mina shouted and Lisa's duplicate motioned to go.

I walk my way back wiping my tears,  I want to stay in her arms,  but I guess it's too late.

As I enter the room,  I saw on the big screen the word,  " Who to eliminate? " then a video was played,  it's like a party,  and the man on the man on tge stage said,

" For now we are next in line after the Kim's but later this year we can make it to the top by eliminating them. "

Second in line? I took my phone out and search for the ranking.

" Park!  It was the park?! " I asked doubting.

" Rosé?  How can she? " Mina said in disbelief which earned a smack coming from me.

" It wasn't her,  It must be Park Chanyeol " I said and sigh,  there is not I can do now but pray for Lisa's safety,  I still need to talk to her.



We entered the building safe and sound,  now all we have to do is to access the signal all around the country,  good thing my partner is brilliant as I am.

" Do you thing Kim Hanbin " I said and he smiled.

" We can make this partner " he said.

We are waiting for it to load when a strong knock was heard drom the door. We look at each other,  and I saw how he look at me,  I immediately shake my head for my answer.

" I am not leaving you Hanbin " I said in low voice.

" You have to,  you still need to save Agent M " he said smiling at me.

Then another loud bang was there.

" Chaeyoung listen to me,  you have to leave me,  trust me. I'll be right there after you save her " he said but I know he is nervous,  I know he is hinding his fear.

I hug him tight and pat his back and my tears escape.

He smiled at me and signals  me to go. He returned his focus on the computer and made his work more faster.

I have to pass the ceiling in order to go to Agents M office.

As I crawl nearer I can hear screaming.

" Time for payback Manoban!  " a tall guy said while punching Agent M,  I took out my phone and recorded it,  as much as I hate to take this but it must be broadcast.



Jennie's is in a panic mode while watching the broadcast when a much worst video was shown.

It was from a ceiling showing how they torture Lisa,  I can't watch this.  I immediately turned off the TV and went back to Jennie.

" Why is this happening Mina? " she ask. She's too broken,  I never saw her hurt this much.

" Mom,  she was there,  I haven't saved her " she said out of nowhere which confused me. I look at her confused only to see a much sadder eyes.

" She didn't meet an accident Mina,  I was there,  I remembered. " she said terrified.

" Lili— I need to save her this time " she said and let go of my hug.

She run out of the room and I followed her. I stop when I saw Lisa's duplicate hugging her,  stoping her to run away.

" I will save you Lisa " she said looking at Lisa.


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