fashion show

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The costume show  theme is  of flower gods,
the layout of the show, of course, must also conform to the theme,
arranged like a fairyland, waiting for the appearance of the flower gods.

The accompaniment music was melodious and elegant, and the models stepped on the music and gracefully walked out.

Yun Shi has to thought  lot of ideas for the costumes of this show.
The reason why she chose the theme of the flower ** is because there are many varieties of flowers, although they are all flowers, but each flower has its own personality and characteristics.

Some are fresh and elegant
, some are beautiful and bright,
some are tender , and some are unrestrained. Under the same theme, it can show dignity and elegance

The pure white spotted skirt is like a cute and beautiful jasmine flower. The neckline and skirt of the high-grade crystal,  flower, make the flower-like skirt more delicate and attractive. The skirt has a little green-green embroidered embroidery, adding a lively and pretty feeling.

The white-tailed long skirt with high waist and chest is like elegant lilies, the chest part is lace fabric, the tailed skirt is the tulle of the silk, and the tulle has delicate hand-embroidered patterns.

There are plum blossoms that bloom like in the snow, cool and charming. There are also and noble roses, pink and passionate peach blossoms, and graceful peony flowers.

There are more than 30 kinds of flowers and their respective dresses that are not repeated, each one is beautiful and fascinating. They can only sigh in their hearts. It is really a flower god. As soon as they come out, there is an impulse to steal the dresses

Originally everyone thought that flowers did not match men. But at this moment, some people use the design talent and strength of the clothing to put the facts in front of them, let them know that the original men's clothing can also be inspired by flowers.

The plain and elegant, free and smooth lines, the addition of not only temperament, but also the feeling of extravagance. A windbreaker jacket with a flowing feel, the details are ingeniously decorated. The deep and atmospheric dress is full of mature and steady charm, and the small embroidered in the inconspicuous position makes this mature and steady, with a little more humorous attraction.

Mrs. Lemir’s palm was placed on her lap and she couldn’t help but sigh. “It’s so beautiful, it’s too clever. He’s really a genius. I didn’t read her wrong!”

These high-definition garments are made of the most expensive fabrics and high-end gorgeous accessories. They are designed with exquisite design and craftsmanship, as well as sophisticated production and high-end quality, which means luxury and top quality

When the models all came out, shishi  hoped to finally come out and salute the people who stood up and applauded. The applause sounded for a long time and did not stop.

In  less than an hour after the end of the show, the news has already been published in the country, and all major fashion media have made push notices. Those reporters and even had no time to wait until they got back to the hotel. In order to push the first one, they quickly edited the notice in the car, and then selected some pictures to send out first.

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