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" Bam, come on make it fast " I said as I made him dress fo tonights event.

His dad is one of Mr.  Jongins Kim business partner,  and he knows how their business work. They are having a small party for tonight and we have no idea what that is for.

Bambams Dad was surprised after Bam told him that he'll attend since her knows that his old man is a busy person,  which is not Bam at all.

He's lazy, but we need to fo this for Lisa.
Few days after we meet we've been hangin out a little.  Lisa's remembered everything. Her past and even her Nini.

She's upset at first that she went to her dads office,  Mr. Marco.

He was even more surprised seeing us Bam with Lisa.


" Why are you here? " Mr. Marco ask Lisa.

"  I am here to know everything Sir,  or I'd rather say Dad? " Lisa said controlling her anger.

" So you knew?  The have told you? " he said not bothered.

" How could you!?! " Lisa ask holding hes Dad's shirt ready to hit him any second.

" You asked for it Lisa " he said plainly and Lisa let go og him as she remembered things.

" You may hate it,  but seeing you now I guess you are ready " Mr.  Marco said which confused Lisa.

" Kim's Family,  they are on our watchlist.  These aren't coincidence Lisa. We have track the person behind the harassing and killing " he said seriously.

" Who are them?!  I won't let this past! " Lisa said angrily.

" Agent M take my command!  You won't succeed your only mission if you'll let your emotions take over!  You we're made for this " Mr.  Marco is now talking to Lisa as if she's a soldier.

" Only Mission? " she asks.

" Yes,  you ask me to make you who you are today because since you were  a kid your only mission and top priority was to make the Kim's only child safe. You promised it yourself " he look at Lisa intently.

" Put your head in this mission and you'll save the her,  let your emotions take over then you'll loose everything "

Lisa the back up a little and calmed herself.

" I am called The Ace for a reason. Send me all the details and I'll handle it myself, Sir. I can't trust anyone " she said and left the room.


We entered the party and meet new different people,  this is exclusive kind of a party.  You need a code to enter the place.

" We are now here gathered for a little celebration " that's Mr. Park.

" For now we are next in line after the Kim's but later this year we can make it to the top by eliminating them " he said witha knowing smile.  This is not good "



After hearing what Tzuyu told me,  I almost let my emotions take over.  I can't let them hurt the Kims,  especially Jennie.  Not now that I know that I love her,  even when we're kids.

" Secure the building,  there might be an intruder " I said on a radio.

" Yes Ma'am— " we were supposed to say our code when the signal got sabotage.

" Game on Manoban " a very familiar voice was heard from the radio. This isn't good.

After that a long high pitch sound was heard. I covered my ears and press the button for emergency.



We are at the canteen surrounded by men who are following me,  I feel a bit conscious now. We were just eating our food when the three our agents covered their ears.

" What's wrong? " I ask them.

" We must go,  now " Lisa said and grab my hand,  as well as Chayoung to Mina.

While Hanbin went to the car park and take one of our car which can fit the 5 of us.

" What is happening? " I ask nervously it's kinda weird,  they are acting like something is out of hand.

" Just follow us " Lisa said emotionless of course this fucking robot.

" You tell me Ace,  what's happening " I ask with a sharp tone.

" Stop acting okay?  i know everything I'm just a subject and you're just a what,  robot?! " I said angrily.

" Now is not the right time Kim " she said while looking at the back of the car.

" Where's the real Lisa then?  Does she even exist?! " I ask her again not minding what she said.

" Yes she does exist amd she's somewhere far from you " she said as if it was nothing that made me shut.  My tears escaped my eyes.

I slapped her real hard but I think it didn't hurt her since she's  a robot. I just look at her and still its seem like she's not bothered at all.

" Take us to your place Hanbin,  you don't have a file there yet,  your place must be safe " she said and didn't mind me at all.

How I wish all of this are not true—



We are now here at Hanbins place. The atmosphere is kinda killing us after Jennies and Agent M's confrontation.

The two girls are inside the room while tge three of us are guarding the place.

" You need to go there and take this with you " Agent M said showing us a small card.

" What will happen here will be all over the news,  I need you to highjack the broadcast and play what's in this card.

" How about you?  You need to get out there " I ask here,  she might be there inside her office.

" It's a bait " she said and we nod. We immediately made our way out and go to the LM's.

There's full of security surrounding it and there is no easy way in, but Agent M needed us,  she's there and we need to help her,  even risking our lives we'll do it.


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