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"Okay, so here's my big question" He paused before giving full blown sarcasm. "Who cares?"

"What do you mean who cares? He left to protect us from himself and another danger that he could have exposed us to." I was becoming annoyed with David, who didn't seem to share any interest in hearing that our father was still alive.

"What was he going to expose us to vampires and pixies" Erykah scoffed as she took a seat on the arm rest of the couch.

"No something worse, Hunters." I Paused to let what I just said sink in.

"I like that, the whole dramatic pause, thing" My younger sister Tara teased.

"I'm not Joking. Without a pack our Father went crazy and as much as he tried he couldn't control his wolf anymore, and on top of that he knew that their were hunters watching us, that's why he couldn't shift, and when you can't shift you become uncomfortable in your own skin. We had to stage a few things so that everyone believed him and mom weren't working out and he could the the Hunters away from us by faking his death."I continued to Explain.

"None of this makes sense. Why should we care, hes been gone for a  long time, what does this have to do with us?" David huffed.

"The hunters are back, Apparently this time they are after Nivea, They somehow found out that she is a werewolf now and she isn't just any old werewolf, shes a Protected,No one knows the full details about a Protected unless they are one themselves or are mates of them. Father explained to me that not only was she born with the knowledge of all werewolf species, she also has a special healing like power in her blood. Her children will have that ability as well, I think the Hunters may try to kill or capture Nivea." I looked over my siblings who looked at me in disbelief.

"So what can we do, we're not werewolves we don't have any special abilities" Tara asked.

"First off we need to pack, tomorrow Father is coming and the day after we will be heading out to France, I'll call Nivea on that day and ask to talk to Atesh, there's no need to get her worked up, the babies are due about next month." I planned out.

"I'm not going, ya'll can go ahead, I'm staying here." David shrugged before standing up and head out toward his room.

"Unless you want to die a painful death, I suggest you come along, little brother." I spoke through gritted teeth.

David kissed his teeth as he continued on his way to his room. My sisters and Mother sat still, seeming to let everything sink in. Erykah sighed heavy before she stood up with her hands on her hips.

"Well lets go get packed, It'll be fun to travel, I could even meet some french men." She shrugged before nudging Tara and they both headed off to their rooms.

Without saying a word, My mother stood up and left me in the Living room alone.


"Her crime is punishable by death, or even exile." Adonis said as we all stood in the jail like area where Erica was being held.

"That's to easy." I sighed folding my hands under my stomach.

"What do you mean easy?" Adonis asked.

"Think about it, If she is exiled she kinda gets off free, if she is killed then she also gets off free in a way, maybe she should do some labor work." I suggested.

"Hmm, that's not bad, lets add more to that," Adonis paused rubbing his chin in thought as he turned to face Erica, who was still strapped to the chair.

"One of the Elders, own a farm, we can send her there for three months." Gavin smirked.

"Three months, surrounded by filthy animals?" Erica shrieked. "I'd rather death!"

"Wanna, test that theory out?" I asked cracking my knuckles as I stepped towards her.

"Atesh, save me!" She begged him.

"Why should I, you poisoned me, she has every right to be upset." He spoke calmly.

Erica looked at Atesh, who was fully clothed again, with wide eyes. She gaped like a fish looking back and forth between me and him.

"But, you're mine, I had you first! No one else can have what belongs to me!" She shrieked struggling harder against the binds around her.

"No, I do not belong to you, I have let you slide all these years but you have crossed the line!" Atesh shouted causing both Erica and I to jump at the sudden rage I wasn't used to.

"Enough, in the morning you will be setting out for your punishment, Everyone go about your ways." Adonis dismissed us like a class.

On the way back up Atesh demanded that I let him carry me upstairs and to our bedroom where he would make sure I got some rest since it was now about three o'clock in the morning, we've had a long day. Halfway up the stair to our bedroom my phone began to ring. I pulled it out of my bra and looked to see that it was my eldest brother calling.

"Oh good your awake, is Atesh awake as too?" He asked like he was in a rush.

"Why hello brother, it's nice that you would call me, I'm doing good too, how's Atesh doing he's fine now, thanks for asking." I said sarcastically.

"There's no time for this, put him on the phone." Thomas demanded.

"Whatever," I muttered as I pressed the phone against Atesh's ear, " Talk."

I didn't know what they were talking about and I didn't care. Once inside the room, I kicked off my shoes pulled my dress up above my knees and crawled from the bottom to the top of the bed before falling over to my side. I groaned as all place in my body released the tension as I finally relaxed against the softness of the bed. Meanwhile Atesh took my phone with him to another room.


And there we have it, I guess this one was kind of boring but whatever on to the next one. This took so long to upload because I cut my finger and it was a little weird typing and playing guitar without my middle finger lol, but I'm good now. Thanks to everyone who is reading and commenting, I really appreciate it, as always let me know your thoughts, they help alot :) see ya next time.

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