The Descendants of the Underworld (Pt. 1)

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Frank smiled at Hazel as they sat in the hospital together. "It's time.." He whispered softly to her, a smile on his face.

They had woken up this morning to Hazel crying out to him that it was, indeed, time. And boy, time it was. January 2nd. The birth of their baby boy. Frank thought it was a funny coincidence that so far, everyone was having boys. Frank and Hazel has decided a while ago, on their honeymoon, that they would want two kids. A boy and a girl. They had wanted the girl to be first born, but hey. They'd love their son anyway.

Hazel returned the smile to him, and laid back in the hospital bed, a couple of nurses rushing around the room. "Frank.. we're gonna have a kid.." 

"I know, love. It's exciting." He said, and it truly was. His voice cracked with emotion. What emotion was he feeling? Oh boy. All of them at once. Happy, confused, shocked. It would never be the same now, but in a good way, of course.

About an hour later, the nurse reached out to grab the baby when Hazel has finished giving birth.  Everything was taken care of, nice and neat, in a short time. The umbilical cord was cut, and the baby was clothed in an adorable onesie, complete with red and white stripes. He smiled down at him, and held the baby for a little while. They were going to name him Angel, because he was one.

After a few minutes of joy, he handed the baby to Hazel, the momma. She smiled and accepted, cradling him in her arms. Frank heard her singing a soft, sweet lullaby to him. The boy had, even at birth, 'an unusual amount of hair', as the doctor had said. The hair was black, and the boy's eyes glittered a bright gold, just like his mother's, underneath the milky film. The boy's skin was red, but the doctor had assured him that was normal.

Frank couldn't stop worrying though. What if monsters came for Angel? What if he or Hazel got sent on a quest? What if they got killed? What would happen to him? He forced himself to snap out of it, and let those thoughts go. This was supposed to be a happy time, and it would be.

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