The Forgotten House of Greenwich Hill

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Taking a few more steps inside to look around, Jim asked, "So where is this surprise you said would be coming?"

"Welcome to you both," the same voice as before said. The door closed behind them with a quiet thud. "I was hoping to see you both."

The voice had sounded from behind them, so turning around to face their greeter, they both jumped.

This person looked as though she had put as much effort into her outfit as Kevin had, with a green face and hands, as well as a lime green robe.

"Who're you meant to be?" Kevin asked. "Some kind of witch?"

"Yes, you could say that," the woman replied, though her voice retained its cool, almost regal-like tone. "If you would like to follow me downstairs."

"Downstairs?" Jim quietly asked as the three moved off.

"It's all bedrooms up here," the woman informed as they turned the corner of the hallway. "The more interesting rooms are downstairs."

"But... Wouldn't... Isn't this the ground floor?"

"It is."

"Jim," Kevin put in as they reached the stairs, "you'll find that some houses are wildly different to what you expect. Besides, this house is on the highest point of a hill. It's probably easier to have it set out this way."

"Yeah, but it's still weird."

"Only because it's uncommon."

The stairs had right-angled left halfway down, with the three turning left again to look around the lower floor of the building. It was a simple rectangular hallway instead of the mess of shapes and sizes upstairs. Five doors were on this level, same as above.

The woman led the two to the door opposite, which was the lounge. She flicked the lights on and told the two to sit.

Kevin stood still, as did Jim, as both were now curious and slightly scared about why they were here. It was clear that this wasn't a party location, as nothing suggested there had ever been one.

As the woman turned around to face them, Kevin asked, "Why are we here if there is no party? Why did you invite us here under false pretences?"

"There has been no party within this house for a long, long time," the woman started. "And you reference my attire and form as though this were a costume. If only that were so."

Kevin could see she looked sad, as though there was something hurting her inside. If he had to guess, she was only a few years older than himself. He couldn't help but wonder what was going on.

"You've no doubt heard of stories they tell about this road, of the tragedy that befell a household that then became forgotten."

Both of them had indeed heard of such a story, but had never believed it. Many stories were told about many a house around this area, and hardly any of them were ever true. Just stories spread to evoke fear, especially during Halloween night.

Jim said as much, but the woman sighed sadly.

"If only that were the case for this one," she said. "There was an accident that had befell this house on Halloween night, and for the past five years, I have been trapped within, unknown to the outside world."

"Is this some sort of story night or something?" Jim asked, who clearly still didn't believe it as truth. "Is that the only reason we're here?"

Kevin was more open to accepting it, but was finding it hard to do so. Certain things didn't add up.

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