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Written: 3rd May, 2018
Published: 31st October, 2019


Such life is worthless
      which doesn't have any meaning;
the heart is full of loads,
      of so much of unexpressed feelings.

Such life is meaningless,
      which doesn't have any aim;
but there is no means of life,
      which is only based on fame.

Such life is aimless
      which doesn't have any pleasure;
but it doesn't mean,
       pleasure remains only in treasure.

Such life is unpleasant,
      where no one is dear;
those who will make you laugh
      and clean up your tears.

Description: It's my first ever English poem. I was twelve years old when I wrote it.

I am trying to say here that life must have an aim, but that aim can't be like "I will be wealthy, strong and influential"
Wealth can be enjoyable only if it is used for a good reason but, having loving ones is the actual way of having a pleasant life.

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