Writing Comedy

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Hello fellow Wattpaders! We've all read books that make us laugh out loud, but when we try to write out own humor story, it falls flat. Maybe for some of you, the gift of writing comedy comes naturally, but for most of us, it's actually a pretty structured process!

One key point to keep in mind is that there are many different types comedy in books, and before you begin this crazy adventure, you should probably pinpoint which type of comedy your novel has in store for your readers.

As some of you may know, The Day an Idiot Robbed Wal-Mart was my first humor novel, and before I began it, I was very nervous about how it would turn out. I tried to read a bunch of novels with tones similar to what I was hoping to convey, and that actually can be a pretty good method if you're wanting to try this whole thing out. As I've only written that one (and not even finished), it's safe to say I'm no expert. So I've had to do my research to provide you with solid advice!


-I found this long, extremely helpful post, and I considered attempting to paraphrase it, but I figured you could all get the most out of it from actually reading it! So if you look on the bottom of this chapter, you can find the post in the external link. I highly recommend you reading it!

For a summary, it covers: Overstatements & Exaggerations, The Understatement, History and/or Predictability, On-Going Jokes, Relatability, Presentation, Emphasis, Fish-Out-of-Water, Beating Around the Bush, Stating the Obvious, Over-Complication & Over-Simplification, Miscommunication, Defying Expectations, Thoughts vs. Words, Awkward Humor, Stereotypes, and Stupidity.

I realize that is a lot, but I believe if you read over it, it will help you tremendously. As you can see, there's far too much information there for me to just summarize it. So when you get some time and really want to study up on humor tactics, sit down with this article and take it all in.

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