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•Bakugo Katsuki pov•
Hair? Check.
Shoes? Check.
Shirt? Check.
Pants? Check.
Ticket? Check.
Gosh why do I feel nervous  when I have everything with me. Ugh is it because it's  my first date..with the girl of my dream. What the fuck am I thinking god whatever. I grab everything needed and leave to get Deku's dumbass. "Where the fuck do you think you are going?" Mom says stopping me and I growl "nONE OF YOUR BUSINESS OLD HAG" I yell and get smacked on the head "TELL ME YOU FUCKER. GOING TO DO DRUGS OR SOME CRAP?" She yells "FUCK- WHY WOULD I DO DRUGS I AM GOING ON A DATE" I yell and she narrows her eyes "definitely drugs. Who would even date you" she says and sulks. "Deku" I mumble and she chuckles "wait you are serious?" She says and smiles in approval "yea..uh I am taking her to a concert..and yea" I say feeling awkward and avoiding eyecontact.

"Wow finally doing something that'll  please me Katsuki. Treat my daughter in law right and dont  be a fucking dick to her" she says and I glare "yea yea" I say and leave ringing Deku's house door bell. Which her mom opens. "Come in Katsuki dear, Izuku told me you'll  come over since you both will be going on a date" she says and gives me the teasing look and I smile "so she told you huh?" I say and Inko chuckles "nope, her tongue slipped and she tried  to cover it up but failed".

I smiled "where is she, is she getting ready?". "Oh yes, she is ready just probably wearing her shoes. Should I call her?" Inko asks "oh n-" I was about to reply "I didn't  took to long right?" She rushes from upstairs. My eyes were wide open..Fuck  how does she manages to suprise with how she looks each and everytime.

Her clothes were green like her hair but it looked absolutely gorgeous (the outfit and the hair like the pictures sorry I couldn't  find the actual midoriya in something I like so) "n-no not at all" I say and Inko nudges me "please take care of my daughter" she says and winks. God..

I smiled at her and nodded "let's  go?" I ask Izuku and she nods and grabs my hand and we leave.

"You look beautiful" I say to her and she blushes "thank you Kacchan!" She says and chuckles "You, yourself look quite handsome" She says and I get flustered "WeLL GOD DAMN OF COURSE I DO" I yell and she chuckles.

We finally get to the concert showing our ticket and getting a pass. We enter the scene everyone was currently either talking or making out. Since the singer wasn't  going to be here for another half an hour though me and Deku decided  to stick around and talk in the front, right near the stage.

She tells me a  couple of things, I tell her some and we both were pretty calmly bonding with eachother. As weird as it  sounds it was as if I was falling deeper and deeper in love with her. And  then the singer suddenly came. I grabbed Deku's hand just in case and kept her close while everyone else was screaming and yelling.  Deku's eyes were fixed at the singer and I hadn't  even gave him a glance I looked up and He was already looking at her.

I narrow my eyes, I know that face- Purple hair, sleep deprived  eyes "Shinso" I hear Deku mumble to herself. That's  his damn name? The crowd had calmed down and I shot him a glare causing him to snap out of it.

The silence soon turned into him singing and music playing. And Deku seem to enjoy it, but I felt anxious. God.. I am the greatest why would I feel anxious infront of him. Maybe because he almost kissed her? Maybe because a part of me really thought he was her boyfriend?

"Kacchan" she says and squeezes my hand and gives me a smile. She noticed my behaviour but I smile back and take a deep breath.

Soon it was silence again. Deku was right next to me when the music starts to play.

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Deku's eyes widen and suddenly she started to hoot. "This is my favourite song, I've  listen to it a hundreds of time but never watched  the video wow!" She says and starts to sing along and I chuckle softly. I am glad she likes it..

After the song, sleep deprived fucker smirks at Deku and me and the concert ended. Deku hugged me tightly and thanked me. I hugged her back and kissed her and she kissed me back.

Then an announcement was made. "Shinso will give a flower and spend time with them after concert". "Kacchan let's  go" Deku says and I nod when a flower comes and hits her right in the face. "Okay me..this girl cool" he says and I narrow my eyes. He did that on purpose. "Sorry, but I have to go" Deku says and grabs the flower and hands it back to Shinso. "I really like your music though" she says and smiles and the fucker growls and grabs the flower from Izuku's hand "...alright thank you for coming" he says but I knew if it wasn't for the public he would've acted like a creep.

Izuku grabs my hand and leads me outside. She let's out a deep sigh coming out of there and smiles at me "it's sure was crowded huh?" She says and I chuckle and wrap my arm around her waist "yup, you wanna go somewhere else?" I ask and she nods "somewhere quiet though".

I take her to this place I knew, It was on top of the stairs and you could see the whole city from there. She was in awe,her eyes sparkled with the lights of city but I swear her smile was brighter than any light there.

I couldn't  help but get closer to her, she was holding on to the grill still looking at the scene and I put my hands on hers having my body next to hers, I put her hair foward and give kisses to her neck. She shivered from suprise "Kacchan" she says and the turn around wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me deeply, I could feel the warmth from her face when I put my hand on her cheek, she was standing on her tip toe and I kiss her back now holding her face up.

There was silence except for our kissing noises and the sudden noises that may escape. I continue to kiss her and then she breaks away panting and I chuckle "so sweet" she says and kisses me yet again sweet? I kiss her again her hand moves down on my body and stops at my chest and my hand moves from her waist to her hair that I tangle in my hand,keeping her close.
And after a full another kissing session we stopped with only a string of saliva attaching us.

There was silence but comfortable one. Her eyes on me, mine on her.

Then we decided to go and get some street food. Some Takaoyaki. I bought it and sat on  the bench with Deku. We start eating and it finishes up in no time. She chuckles "sorry I didn't realize how hungry I was and Ha that was a good Takoyaki" she says smiling and I smile and kiss her cheek.

"Ohh Kacchan lets take a picture It's nicely lit here" She says. "nOWAY" I reply and she grabs me and tells the Tokoyami guy to take some pictures of us, and then after some selfies she chuckles and thanks him and we leave. "I'll send you these later" she says. "whatever" I reply.

It was getting late so we decided  to head home, and we decided to walk  too as we wanted to spend as much time talking, Deku..just Deku gosh I am so horribly in love with her.. Everything she tells me and everything I tell her it's  this comfortable feeling.

It's  like I could spend my whole life with this girl with no hesitation. Even though the walk was long it felt so short because we had fun. We laughed, asked echother things, shared memories of when we were kids. It was great.

She grabs my collars and kisses me deeply but pulls away shortly "okay Kacchan my house is here, see you tomorrow!" She says and I chuckle and wave. She gets inside and I do an in love walk back home. I couldn't  stop smiling Gosh. I get inside as well and get interrogated by Old Hag but I didn't  minded it.

It was just casual 'how was it?' 'What you guys did?' Etcetc one did my mom noticed was that I was really happy and weirdly calm. "She has to become my daughter in law she literally tamed a dog like you" she says  and I glare and my phone dings. Deku has send me the pictures we took and I smile showing mom.

An soon I went to sleep.

I am so happy. Deku.. 💕

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