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The Order comes down, separating our friends from the deatheaters. Then Sirius lands next to us.

"Get away from my godchildren." He waves his wand and sends Mr. Malfoy back, his body hits the wall and he toppled over. "Now, listen to me. Take the others and get out of here."

"What? No, we're staying with you." Harry tells him.

"You've done beautifully. Now, let me take it from here."

The order is fighting against the dark wizards and I try to round up everyone.

"Hermione!" I yell, seeing a deatheater about to cast a spell at her as her back is turned. Raise my wand, "Stupefy!"

He doesn't see me, but he feels my stunning curse. He flies back and lays unconscious on the ground.

"Thanks for that." Hermione says to me.

"Don't mention it." I say. Then I hear Bellatrix cast the killing curse. I look over to see if she hit anyone, and my heart breaks.

Sirius stands there as the spell hits him, straight on the chest. I watch as the last breath leaves his body and he falls back into the archway.

"No!" I cry out and fall to my knees. Then I look over and see Bellatrix sneak off. Harry follows after her, and I follow after him.

"I killed Sirius Black." Her voice echoes in our ears. "You coming to get me?" We're now in the lobby of the Ministry.

"Crucio." Harry says. And Bellatrix falls to the ground, but only because she tripped over her own two feet.

"You've got to mean it, Harry." I hear Voldemort's voice. "She killed him. She deserves it. You know the spell, Harry. Do it."

His body then appears and as Harry turns his wand on him, he knocks it out of his hands. I jump out of the shadows.

"Stupefy!" I yell.

He blocks it with out ease and knocks my wand from my hand with a quick wave of his.

"So weak."

"It was foolish of you to come here tonight, Tom." Dumbledore enters the ministry by Floo network and points his wand at Voldemort. "The Aurors are on their way."

"By which time I shall be gone, and you... shall be dead."

Both of their wands cast a spell and I run over to Harry.

"Are you alright?" I ask him.

"No." He says, pulling me in to a hug. "Sirius, hes..."

"I know." I say to him. "I know."

We put that aside for now and try to move to help Dumbledore. He waves his hand in our direction and we get pushed to the side.

Voldemort breaks the glass on all the windows around us and waves his hands towards us. Shards of glass begin to fly in our direction. But Dumbledore moves his wand around and turns the shards into dust. Harry and I cover our eyes so that nothing gets in.

I look up and see him forming a ball of water from the fountain around Voldemort.

"Is he going to drown him?" I ask Harry and he shrugs his shoulders.

I move to try and help him again, but alas, I am pushed to the side.

Dumbledore drops the ball of water and Voldemort falls to the ground, gasping for air. Then he disappears. But before I know it, I've fallen to the ground. Both Harry and I, struggling to hold onto ourselves.

Voldemort is trying to possess us. A wall of glass dust forms around us.

"You've lost, old man." Harry and I speak, but it's not our voice.

"Harry. Mia."

"So weak. So vulnerable." The wall of dust falls and Dumbledore comes towards us, kneeling down by our side. We fight it, we really do try to fight him out of our heads. Out of our bodies.

"Look at me." Dumbledore says. "Harry, Mia, it isn't how you are alike. It's how you are not."

Our heads jerk around, our bodies tense up, and we roll over, unmoving.

"Harry? Mia?"

"You're the weak one..." I say, speaking to Voldemort.

"...and you'll never know love or friendship." Harry adds.

"And we feel sorry for you." I finish. Then Voldemort leaves our bodies and stands above us.

"You're fools, Harry and Amelia Potter." He tells us. "And you will lose everything."

Then Fudge and many more Ministry officials come into the building, seeing him. Seeing Voldemort.

I look back at the spot he was standing in, but he's vanished.

"He's back." Is all Fudge can say.

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