Pep Talk... Sorta?

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"Hey Harry," Zayn asked as he sat on the sidewalk, a smoke in hand as he kept his gaze at passing cars on the road.

"Yeah?" I replied, my hands in my jacket pockets looking at passing cars as well.

"Do you really like this guy?" He asked, smoking his cigarette after doing so.

"Who, Liam?" I asked almost mockingly at the question before shaking my head.

"Of course not," I said knowing it was the obvious answer.

Zayn then turned to look at me, his gaze rather calculative and puzzled. I looked into his eyes for a moment but then looked away feeling embarrassed, a blush on my cheeks as I ran my fingers through my hair in annoyance.

"You lie," he said and before I could say anything Louis came rushing behind us with a paper bag in his grasp.

"Hey!" He chirped as he sat next to me. He then took out two sandwiches which he handed to Zayn and I.

"Sorry, it was the only food I could afford," he frowned taking another sandwich from the paper bag which he chucked into a trash bin near him.

"S'okay, better than meatloaf," Zayn said, putting out his smoke and opening the container to his sandwich. I almost huffed in relief because I wasn't ready for another of Zayn's many questions but I was pretty sure that this discussion wasn't over.

"Hey, is that Liam really going to show?" Zayn asked, his voice almost muffled as he chewed on a piece of his sandwich.

"Yeah I think.. he's crazy for Haz," Louis nodded which I sigh deeply to.

"You guys assume to much," I finally mutter shaking my head.

"It's obvious he does and he will come," Louis said optimistically as he gave my back a pat almost as if he was calming me.

"Hey you guys set me up with him, not me," I shrugged as I kept my gaze at my still-sealed sandwich.

"Well you didn't give much of a fight when we told you," Zayn said, his gaze on his shoes which surprised me since I thought he wasn't listening in on the conversation anymore.

"Right! Plus this is pep talk and you have to be ready for anything!" Lou said excitedly as he placed a few packs of condoms in my free hand.

"I don't do that!" I pushed the packets away and back into his hands.

"Haven't you ever thought of it? I mean, the reason you don't get clients is because you don't let any of them penetrate you!" Louis said almost loudly causing stares from people which made me lower my face in embarrassment.

"I told you guys i'm saving it!" I said in a hushed voice.

"Saving even your kisses?" Zayn interrupted.

"Shush!" I elbowed him, already pissed at the things they've said.

"We're just saying it's a miracle you live off hand jobs and blow jobs then you wonder why you always come home first every night," Louis said which caused me to shrug, not having any ideas for a sassy come back since it was true.

"Harry I think your date's here," Zayn said turning to his left with Liam walking towards us with Niall closely beside him.

I stood up looking at Liam, his features getting prominent at every step he took. My eyes were wide since Liam wasn't in his regular suit and tie but was in a tight black top with tight jeans which made me stare. I was pretty sure Zayn and Louis were also staring since Liam looked at all three of us before smiling and taking a deep breath.

"Ready to go?" He asked focused on me. His voice shook me off my trance as I coughed glancing at Zayn and Louis before meeting Liam's gaze.

"Sure, where to?" I said as casually as I could, a smile gracing my lips easier than expected.

"Dinner and then maybe we could wing it after that?" Liam said thoughtfully, his shyness practically gone as he continued beaming at me.

I could only nod as he offered my arm to me. I raised my hand to take it and before I could say anything, I was being escorted into a limosine that parked in front of us and when I entered it, I felt as if things were going to be different soon and it scared me. Like a lot.

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