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"Remus. Babe? Don't do this." Remus swallowed up the pain that suddenly sparked through him just hearing the voice. "You don't really want to."

"You don't know what I want." A soft yet pained laugh filled the air making tears prick at Remus's eyes. 

"I know more about you than you may realize. You don't want, babe. You just want people to see you. But babe... I see you. I always did." Remus tensed his finger hovering over the button and his eyes narrowed.

"You can't stop me."

"You're right. I can't. If you intend to go through with this my only option is to assist." Remus frowned hearing his voice brake and he could feel his resolve around on shaky ground. "It's just... I wanted you to know that you don't have to do this. You don't have to push yourself to the extreme parts of yourself just to be seen. I love you just the way you are."

"YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME CASSIDY!" Remus spun around and his heart dropped. Deceit stood there smiling over at him. His hat and gloves were gone. His black button-up was off and tied to his waist, revealing such pale and ghost-like skin. His scales were such a sickly green it melted into the rest of his pasty skin. His eyes were red and glossy. But worst of all was the tint of red that held tight to his lips as if he was wearing lipstick. "Cassidy?" Deceit's smile grew as Remus literally dropped the device in shock. "What..."

"I'm sorry." Deceit coughed and both Roman and Remus cringed at the smell of metal that permeated the air. "Shit..." Deceit laughed as he wiped his hand against his pants. 

"Cassidy, what wrong? W-Why aren't you w-with Thomas? Clearly you're sick... Cas..." Deceit swayed losing his balance as Remus ran to catch him. "Caz? Caz, talk to me. Please..."

"Why'd you do it?" Deceit shook as Remus slowly brought them both to the ground. "Why'd you leave me?" Remus frowned as Deceit cried in his arms. "Thomas was right... you just... did it again."

"I'm sorry. I only wanted to protect you. I swear." Deceit scoffed as his skin crawled from the pain. He had been pushing himself forcing himself to stay human so that he could get to Remus. He couldn't even help Virgil when he found him in that cabin. If he had he would never have gotten here. "I know... I know you told me to promise you... I didn't. I just... I didn't want you... I didn't want you getting hurt because of me."

"Remus, I..." Deceit cried out as his body tried to shift without permission. The half of him that was the snake and therefore the familiar was dying. He had been holding back his pain for so long he forgot jus how bad it really was.

"CASSIDY?!" Remus was full-on crying as Deceit just stared off at nothing in his lap. "Cassidy, I don't understand. I don't... Caz?" Deceit grabbed Remus's arm and just held it close. "Caz, you need to... Your meds. You need your med. You need to go back and..."

"I had to stop you." Deceit coughed and Remus frowned seeing the droplets of blood that dripped onto his close. "I had... had to... to try."

"You need your meds, Cassidy. You're... not well." Deceit smiled as he shook his head.

"It wouldn't make a difference. They... They only prolong the... pain... pain..." Deceit's breath hitched as his grip on Remus's arm tightened. "Hurtsss... Remus, it hurtsss."

"What hurts?" At this point... Remus wasn't even thinking about the plan anymore. He wasn't thinking about the isle or how much he hurt. He didn't care. His thoughts were solely on the man crying in his lap. "Cassidy, you have to talk to me. What is hurting?"

"Everything." Remus was taken back by the sudden flash in Deceit's eyes making them both look serpentine. "Everything hurtssss." 

"Roman?" Remus wouldn't take his eyes off of Dee. He could do it. Deceit's breathing was becoming erratic as he struggled just to keep his eyes open. "ROMAN?!"

"Itssss ok, Babe." Deceit smiled as his eyes began to fog over. "Everything isss going to be ok."

"Roman, I'm sorry. Ok? I'm sorry. I'll go home. I'll forget about all of this. I-I'll turn myself in. I don't care just... HELP ME SAVE HIM!" Remus cried as Deceit weakly reached up to caress his cheek. "Please... brother... please."

"Remus, I'm sorry." Remus looked up to see Roman kneeling down with tears in his own eyes. Roman narrowed his eyes as he sighed. "I don't know how to reverse a 'denial' response." 

"A what?" The whole place was plunged into cold as Remus stared blankly ahead feeling Deceit shaking even worse. "Roman... What did you just say?"

"I can't help because I don't know how to reverse a 'denial' response." 

"CASSIDY'S NOT A..." Deceit squeezed Remus's arm making the prince freeze up in shock. He looked down to see the snake smiling sadly and he shook his head. "No. No, you can't... You can't be. I know you said... but that does change the fact that you're a person. Cassidy, you're not a..."

"I tried... to tell you. My father isss Kaa. Meaning... regardlessss of my form... I'm still a sssnake." Remus's eyes filled with earth-shattering horror as Deceit just laughed. "I wanted to tell you... ssso badly but... I didn't want to make things harder for you, and... I was... afraid." Deceit's eyes began to flutter as his grip weakened. "I didn't want to lossse you. I... I didn't... I didn't want to be..."

"I denied him." Roman's eyes darkened as Remus sat their tears steadily falling, dripping down onto Deceit, who's eyes were slipping shut.


"I denied him. I told him it was over."

"Remus." Roman was trying to get his brother's attention but the poor boy was breaking at the seams.

"He was begging me. He... I could see his pain. I-I could see it but... I thought I was protecting him. I thought..." 

"Remus!" Roman looked down to find Dee's eyes closed completely as his breathing so whispy it was scary. "Brother, I know how much this hurt. BELIEVE ME, I know. But you NEED to snap out of it."

"Roman, I denied him. I-I... Thomas was right. I am so much more than just an asshole. I... I'm killing him."

"HE'S NOT BREATHING!" Remus's eyes snapped up to see Roman's terrified expression. "Deceit isn't breathing anymore."

"Cassidy?!" Remus jumped up laying Deceit down as he desperately felt for a pulse. "Cassidy you need to breathe. Caz... Roman? I can't feel a heartbeat." Remus looked up at his brother completely broken as he just collapsed. "I can't find a pulse."

"Dee?" Both the boys shared a look before glancing over to see a now fully healed Virgil looking confused over at them before his eyes darkened. "He's dying."

"No, Virgil. He's dead." Virgil shook his head nudging Roman over as he placed a hand over the still serpent and frowned. 

"No not dead." Virgil pulled off his amulet and narrowed his eyes before putting on Deceit. "Not yet." His eyes darted to gate and Roman tensed. 

"Virgil, do what you have to do."

"But..." Roman took his hand and smiled, making Virgil nod as he carefully picked up the nearly dead snake.

"Roman? Wha-what is he doing?" Remus's eyes went to the bluestone around Deceit's neck and his blood went cold. "Dark magic doesn't work on the isle."

"My father's a god. His magic is neither good nor bad." Virgil smiled as he let his wings unfurl. "If Dee can be saved... He's the one to do it."

"Ok..." Remus swallowed his anxiety as he walked over placing a kiss on Deceit as tears fell from his eyes. He laughed sadly as he brushed the hair out of Dee's face. "You better come back to be Cassidy. I need you. I NEVER EVER denied that. I love you. So come back and this time... This time I'll never let you go again."


Writing this last chapter while listening to Please don't leave me by p!nk was a funking emotional rollercoaster hahahaha

And yes... I'm ending this here so HA!

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