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"ROMAN!" Virgil screamed out as he went fly tuck his wings so they didn't get hurt as he rolled. This was bad. This was very bad. Right now... Roman was kicking his ass. "Roman, stop!" He coughed cringing at the red that stained his hands as a deep earth rumbling growl filled the air. This was what Remus meant by Roman getting a power-up. This is what he meant he said Roman could kill him. Virgil slowly picked himself up trying so hard not to stumble or appear weak. He wiped the blood from his lips and hands before turning to look at the man... er, the beast before him. This is what Remus meant when he said he triggered the curse. "Roman?"

"What? Don't like what you see, Virgil?" Roman hissed venomously as he tail whipped through a large rock shattering into smaller ones, before picking them up and holding them in his hands. "What are you gonna do about it? You gonna burn me... hurt me... or just make me forget altogether?"

"Roman..." Virgil winced as he tried to take a step forward. Tears pricked at his eyes from the pain, but he couldn't show it. He couldn't. He had to stop falling back on what his mother said. The simple fact is Virgil LOVES Roman. He loves him more than anything. He had to be strong. Even if he didn't fully believe he was he HAD to be for him. Roman needed him. "Roman, I'm not going to any of that."

"Really?" Roman's voice dropped so low it literally shook the ground beneath. "After the AGONY I went thought over just loving you... I find that very hard to believe." Virgil cried out as this burning pain shot through his arm. Roman smirked as Virgil looked over to find it bloody and already bruising from getting hit with a rock. "I TRUSTED YOU. I LOVED YOU."

"Loved?" Virgil couldn't hold back the tears that fell from that. He shook his head and braced himself. Don't listen, Virgil. This isn't Roman. Not really anyway. This is his pain and anger. Just like before. Just like how Roman treated you before except... much much more... elevated. "Roman, I lo..." His words caught in his throat as it turned into a choked scream. Roman stood there throwing a rock up in the air catching it repeatedly as Virgil fell to his knees. The problem wasn't that Roman wasn't himself. No, the problem that Virgil wasn't in the same boat. Roman was so angry he's not in control, meaning he can hurt Virgil and it won't do a thing till he comes to his senses. Virgil, on the other hand, could not hurt him. He couldn't even defend himself. The fight was very one-sided. "Roman, I don't care." Virgil collapsed onto his hands and knees ignoring the pain from what Virgil assumed was broken ribs. "I don't care. I don't care. I don't care."

"At least you admit it..."

"I don't care what you look like." Roman frowned as Virgil's voice broke. "I don't care that you've snapped. I don't care that you're a beast. I DON'T CARE THAT YOU'RE HURTING ME!" Virgil smiled sadly as he looked up through the tears in his eyes. "...because this isn't you..."

"It is me, Virgil. I am my father's son after all." Roman tossed the last rock up and smirked. "I'm a beast just like him." He hit the rock midair with his tail sending tiny pebbles flying at him and Virgil blocked with his wing crying out as they all imbedded in his wing. Virgil suppressed the whimpers as he moved his injured wing down so he could look up at Roman.

"You misunderstand. This... beast form isn't what I meant." Virgil attempted to push himself to his feet but his one leg was so badly hurt from getting hit he only fell right back down biting his tongue hard to stop from crying. "I didn't... I didn't mean that..." Virgil tried again this time forcing both his injured wings to move to keep his standing. Once he was stable enough he met Roman's eyes with a loving smile. "I meant your anger. I meant fear... your pain." Roman's eyes darkened as Virgil tried to move closer. Every step was pure agony. Every beat of his wing sent pain coursing down his spine. "That is you. We've been through this before, Princey. Haven't we?"

"I let... I let my anger..." Virgil smiled as he nodded through the tears he couldn't hold back. "And I hurt you... scared you... I-I didn't mean too."

"No you didn't... because it wasn't you. This... This isn't you, Roman. Come back to me." Roman's eyes went wide as Virgil cried in pain and fell forward. Roman ran to catch him falling to his knees as he held Virgil close, Virgil's wings limp against the ground just as bloody as the rest of him. "Please, come back."

"V-Virgil, I... I don't..."

"Shh..." Virgil's body shook uncontrollably in Roman's arms as his eyes slipped shut. "All that matters... is that I love you." 


"I love YOU, Roman." Virgil whimpered as he moved his wings to wrap around them both. "I Love you... so much. I don't want to lose you. I don't care. I just... I want MY Roman back." Virgil's voice trailed off as Roman sat there in silence, the red long since faded from his eyes. He moved Virgil in till he was holding him bridal style on his lap. He could feel his skin crawling as everything died down around him. The only thing that didn't was the tears that spilled from his pain and guilt-filled eyes. 

"Virgil, I'm so sorry." Roman choked back the sobs that wracked through his body. "He was right. He was right about me. I am... I did... Oh god." Roman cried into the boy he held unable to do anything else until... Roman's eyes shot wide as Virgil kissed him. It was light and short as Virgil was immensely weakened and in so much pain but it made a point. 

"It's ok, Roman. I love you, and I'm not going anywhere..." Virgil's eyes slip shut again as his body gave out on him. "Not... not this time... never... again."

"VIRGIL?!" Roman started to freak seeing Virgil pass out as his tears never stop falling. He could see all the wounds glowing as if getting covered in small blue flames. They were slowly healing but that didn't make Roman any less worried. He was drowning in the silence. In fact, only the sound of footsteps broke past the quiet. Roman frowned looking up to see a familiar person slowly walking past him and his eyes went wide.

"Remus." The very prince mentioned froze up completely just before he was about to press the button. He had spent so long just trying to figure everything and right before he was about to win... His voice reached his ears. "Babe? Don't do this."

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