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He felt alive. Eyes wide, and a smile big as he moved his body against a smaller boy. He was almost shaky from all the Adrenalin of almost getting caught, and the boy moaning his name only made it worse.

There was loud, hip hop playing, and the body's grinding on each other. It smelt like vomit and alcohol, also, like a shit ton of overly strong and cheap perfume or cologne. Though, Elio continued their grind, as if it's the only thing that mattered.

They paid no mind to the people laughing as loud as the speakers, or Marzia, who looked quite offended to be left behind. Instead, Elio just kept his hands on Oliver's waist, savouring the time they had left. Kissing up his neck, he forced himself to forget that Oliver would be leaving to Bergamo in a few days.

He couldn't. The thought always came creeping back and each time it did it managed to pierce his heart for the millionth time that summer.

"You're not smiling any more, Elio..." he whispered down, another hand moving to pet the boy's hair.

"I tried not to think... about it... but I really, really don't want you to go..."
The dark-haired boy nearly sobbed at his own words, putting his head into the crook of Oliver's neck, and stopping their hips which were already slowing.

he wouldn't let Oliver see him weak

"I don't want to go either, baby..."

"Then stay."

"You know I can't. I have Elizabeth, I'm supposed to... carry on a life with her."

Elio grimaced.

"But hey,"
Oliver found his way to his lover's neck, purchasing every bit while saying compliments that came as natural as walking.

"I can always come back."

It wouldn't be the same, Elio thought. He'd have two sons, and a wife by the time he came back. Or maybe he'd be divorced. Though that was wishful thinking
Elio knew that Oliver had wanted kids. He had told him. Who was he to ruin that for him? He couldn't give him kids. He couldn't give him eternal happiness, the kind that Elizabeth could provide with her... woman body, and woman features, and woman hair... bitch

"But it won't be the same, will it?"

Usually, Oliver would try and give him False hope. But no, it wouldn't be the same. It never would be the same.

"No. But I can try to make it the same... I can try to stay longer. I can try, but I can't promise you..."

Elio nodded with the bitterest tears starting to well up.
"Elizabeth will be so lucky." The boy chuckled through his tears, gently laying his head into Oliver's chest. He inhaled the scent of fresh soap, and the man's skin, which later on tonight he'd have grinding against his.

"Eli, I crave you more than anything... I want you more than I want kids, and I want you more than I want my parents to be proud of me."

"Then stay... just for a little longer. A week."

Oliver sighed, deciding to just kiss this boy stupid. He couldn't live without his damn hard-headed attitude.
"Okay. I'll stay as long as I can..."

(teehee that was so bad)

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