GalactiCorp's New Gamble

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GalactiCorp's New Gamble

by Koren Vaal

GalactiCorp is not seen as an active participant in the space-travel industry. Their products touch just about every other aspect of colonial life, yet they have not produced any notable vessels for public or private space travel. The typical adage from their PR department is to do one thing and do it well, and that could explain why the corporation has been reticent to move into ship design until now. They just could not compete with industry giants Alavon Drive Dynamics and Drammal. However, things are beginning to shift. With the ascendance of a new CEO there is a change in the air for GalactiCorp, and the titanic corporation once again finds itself branching out... but their latest step is at once paradoxically tentative and impressive. It is a confounding notion as much of their new strategy and their new CEO's aims are shrouded in mystery. What is known is this - GalactiCorp has entered an era of astronautics through collaboration with industry titan Alavon Drive Dynamics.

GalactiCorp and Alavon Drive Dynamics have yet to confirm if their new ship design, designated CRDV-GC1, is the start of a commercial line. What is known is that GalactiCorp commissioned the construction of an Alavon Drive Dynamics CRDV (Cargo & Research Drive Vessel) and engaged in a rather lengthy modification process of at least a year. Indeed, the project was one of the last major initiatives put into action by former GC CEO Miles Tego. In a shocking turn toward transparency, given the much-publicized robbery scenario earlier this year, Walter Kimney offered Space Trawler Quarterly an exclusive tour of their ship, designated Lucky Strike II, and an interview with the ship's engineer, who prefers to remain anonymous, to share some of the technical elements of the ship for our readers.

An Engineering Marvel

"Lucky Strike II is intended to be more than just a ship."

Walter Kimney gestures over to a lighted wall-panel, smiling.

"Take for example the lighting in this hallway. Most ships tend to treat onboard lighting as just a source of illumination so that spacers aren't stumbling around in the dark. Yes, of course, that is the main reason for it all, isn't it? But who says lightning can't accomplish more?" He places his palm on the panel. "It's warm to the touch. There is a distinct level of comfort in our design. The lighting panels are equipped with timers to dim and adjust the lights according to a standard 25-hour Teslovian cycle. By making little touches here and there, woven into and over, this is the most efficient and I dare say, homey, ship design ever made."

These lighting considerations are not new technology by any stretch, but it seems to be indicative of what the aims of the CRDV-GC1 are: it is not just a ship, but a mobile home with no technology spared to make life easier for spacers. Perhaps this is not the most cost-effective ship for consumers, but when asked about this, Kimney himself stated that he has no idea when and if his company will pursue that route.

"At its heart, it is a mobile research facility. It's all part of an initiative I am advocating to be at the forefront of resource acquisition and research in the new worlds that the Federation, Empire, and Neutrality seem to be discovered on a weekly basis. Even you have spacers pushing into an unknown region they need a lifeline. This ship is more than that. It's a beating heart."

Some goals set out by the program did not seem feasible, however. With a ship designed to explore untouched areas of the cosmos, there was a "pressing" need to pursue mobile jump-gates rights. However, no governing-faction would allow for the technology to be placed on the ship. Joris Velm, a GalactiCorp legal advisor, put it plainly: "privatized, non-military jump tech is still locked down due to security concerns, and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future." However, GalactiCorp has been courting the factions for the contracts to build several fixed-orbit jump gates in some of the newly-discovered systems, but as of now, negotiations are still underway.

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