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"I knew something felt wrong." Remus laughed as he poised himself to attack. Suddenly he was knocked onto his back sending his mace tumbling away. A demonic growl sounded above him as he was met with glowing green eyes he had expected to be in a mirror still.

"Virgil?" Remus smiled awkwardly as Virgil grabbed the talisman ripping it off of him and igniting it in his grasp.

"Touch Roman and I will rip your head off and send your soul to burn in hell with my father." Remus's eyes went wide as Virgil leaned in closer with a smirk, revealing razor-sharp fangs. "Understand?"

"Virgil?" Virgil looked up and he couldn't stop the way his heart skipped a beat seeing Roman there. Roman was, of course, terrified, confused, worried, and in awe... "YOU HAVE WINGS?!"

"They're new." Virgil laughed as Remus narrowed his eyes as anger started to build in him. His form shifted back to normal as he clenched his fists.

"Looks like your not the only one with a power up, Roamy." Virgil frowned as Remus laughed. Roman's eyes darkened as he shifted away. "Too bad none of it's going to matter." Remus kicked himself out from underneath Virgil who used his wings to hover back to avoid getting hurt. Remus hopped kicking his foot out hitting Roman's hand and knocking the device up into the air only for Remus to catch it.

"REMUS!" Remus beamed as he held it tightly in his hands. Roman shook as his eyes started glowing red. "Don't do this." Remus held his hand out catching his mace as it flew back at him from where it tumbled off too.  Virgil growled as Remus just laughed waving his finger at the darker Prince.

"Uh uh, Virgy. I'm the one with all the leverage." Virgil's eyes darkened as he glared down at the other, his fire burning bright with his rage. "I have the key." Remus laughed as glanced over at Roman who was struggling to calm his breathing. "And I have Roman in my pocket."

"What?" Remus smirked as he shrugged. 

"I know just how to set him off..." Roman's eyes went impossibly wide as he stumbled back in fear catching Virgil's attention. "Wouldn't want another logan incident..." Roman whimpered as he clutched his hair tightly. "Would we?'

"Sh-Shut up." Roman choked out as Virgil slowly let himself touch the ground. Virgil retracted his wings as his fire died down in concern for Roman. "It wasn't my fault. It wasn't my fault..." 

"Keep telling yourself that Roman." Remus stepped closer to the door clutching the device tightly as his eyes darted about the two of them. "You can explain how your not to blame to Virgil... when you snap and send him to the infirmary." The pulse of energy tore through Roman as his eyes glossed over. He was frozen standing there staring down at nothing as the air around him literally began to shift and became tangible. "You're dangerous Roman. You'll end up hurting him."

"Roman?" Virgil could see the absolute terror in Roman's eyes as the lighter prince slowly looked up at him. "What's happeni..."

"You're a monster! You'll only ever hurt the ones you care for. But think about it, Roman... What has he done for you." Virgil tensed as Remus laughed. "He's caused you NOTHING but pain. He cursed you twice. You've tried so hard to get him to see you and now... DON'T YOU DAR THINK FOR ONE SECOND HE WON'T PUSH YOU ASIDE THE MOMENT YOU SNAP!"

"REMUS SHUT UP!" Virgil screamed out as he ran over to Roman who was so broken he wasn't even aware of anything. "Roman? Roman talk to me. Roman!"

"That is if you don't kill him first."

"REMUS!" Virgil didn't know what to do. Roman was shaking so bad as his aura flared out. His eyes would flash from red to yellow as the pupils became slits as if belonging to an animal. "Roman don't listen to him... don't listen. I love you."

"Sure you do, Virgil. And that's why you erased his memories of you and forced him to suffer through the immense heartbreak without even knowing why or what was wrong." Virgil held Roman's hands as Roman clutched his hair unable to move or breathe.

"Roman, I love you. It's ok. I'll never leave you again. I promise. Everything is going to..."

"Don't lie to him, Virgil. Haven't you hurt him enough?" Roman's eyes narrowed as he whimpered out making Virgil's nerves sky rocket.

"He'll just... leave me?" Virgil desperately shook his head wanting more than anything to take Roman's pain away. "He'll leave. He'll...

"Roman I promise you I wo..."

"Roman, he'll fucking hate you." Virgil groaned seeing Roman flinch as Remus cut Virgil off. "He'll take one good look at you and run. You'll never get him to love you. You'll never be happy. He'll tear you into a million and piece and laugh as you try fruitlessly to pull yourself together."

"Remus, please stop." Virgil cried as he tried to wipe Roman's tears away. "None of that is true. Don't listen to..."

"It isn't? Who was it that cursed him and then told him his love couldn't possibly be real? Who was it that denied every advance and shoved that so-called curse down his throat until he had to call me balling his eyes out thinking he fucked up every chance he may have had with you?" Remus narrowed his eyes as Virgil placed a shaky kiss to Roman forehead. "Who was it that forced him through a painful breakup with no memory of it ever happening? Was all of that a lie?"

"He'll just leave me." Virgil tensed as Roman's voice shifted turning into a more husky and animalistic tone. "He only ever leaves me... Only hurts me. You..." Roman's eyes darted up to meet Virgil's and the darker one could help but shudder at the pain and anger that filled them. "You only ever hurt me."

"Roman, please..." Roman face scrunched up with pain as Virgil tried to get through to him. "I love you."

"Stop lying to him, Virgil. You'll never him. You can't love him. Especially now that he finally realised WHAT he is." Virgil shook seeing Roman shaking his head desperately trying to tune everything out but it didn't work. "You're nothing but a beast." Roman screamed out as the air exploded around him as Virgil was flown forward into Remus who actually caught him. Virgil couldn't even care about that all he saw the was complete terror Roman had as he screamed out in pain. "I'm sorry." Virgil tensed looking up to see the tears in Remus's eyes. "I had to... I couldn't let you stop me."

"What did you do?" Remus smiled through the tears as Roman's screams of pain slowly turned into a gut-wrenching animalistic cry. "WHAT THAT ALL THAT ABOUT?!"

"I triggered the curse." Remus's eyes darkened as he gripped Virgil's shirt tightly. "It's your job to stop him."

"Stop him... HEY!" Remus literally threw Virgil at Roman only for the darker prince to use his wings to stop himself as his eyes widen in horror. Roman stood there looking more beast than human, fists clenched and fangs in full view. One thing that wasn't mentioned before... Roman also had a tail. Which he used to pick up a rock that he slowly dropped into his hand. "Roman?"

"He isn't in control right now, Virgil." Remus called out as he slowly backed further and further away creating an illusion so Roman couldn't see him. Illusions weren't his best but he could still make on on the fly. Roman narrowed his eyes as he held the rock up and Remus frowned. "That's why you have to stop him." Suddenly the rock went flying so fast you couldn't see it, hitting Virgil right in the wing sending him falling to the earth. 

"Why?" Virgil chocked out as he pushed himself up wincing at the throbbing in his wing from where the rock shot through it. Blood steadily dripped as he whimper from the pain of folding it being him. "Why do this to him?"

"Simple." Remus laughed as he held the device up. "I needed to keep you two occupied."

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