Another life

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I knew the day had to come where I would die. I just didn't know I would have to actually live again. I thought once I was done with my old life I could just Rest In Peace. But that didn't happen.

In my old life I was married to the love of my life Morgana. She was perfect in every way. I loved her more than I loved anything. She's the reason I died. I'm not saying that in a rude way. I mean that I loved her so much that I would rather die then see her get killed.

Someone snuck into the castle to kill her. They went to her room to try and find her but she wasn't in there, I was. He tried to get me to tell him where she was. Obviously I didn't. So I made a deal with him. He could kill me if  he left Morgana alone. At first he said no. But the more he thought about it the more he liked it. He figured it would hurt her more than killing her because I was the love of her life.

So without warning he stabbed me three time in the stomach. I survived long enough to see Morgana one last time. I told her I loved her and then I was gone. At least I thought I was.

Now I'm stuck in National City in an apartment by myself. I wonder if Morgana got to live again. Why did I have to live again. I don't want to be here if Morgana is not here.

Today was like any other day. I work at the Deo so my job isn't that boring. I'm friends with Alex and Kara. I've told them about my past life . I don't think they believe me though, which I think is unbelievable since Kara is supergirl.

Today though, Alex told me I had to go to L Corp and get Lena Luthor to help us with something. So that's where I'm headed.

As soon as I got to L Corp I got this weird feeling. It wasn't a bad feeling. I can't really describe what it was. I walked in and pulled out my Deo badge that I quickly changed to fbi and then showed the person at the front desk. She immediately let me up to Lena's office.

I knocked on the door and then I heard a "come in." I walked in and I froze. She had the same expression on her face that I did. Looking at her made me feel something.

She looks like Morgana. Obviously I knew who Lena Luthor was I just never actually looked at her.

"Morgana?" I said quietly. "What did you say." "Um.. nothing the Deo needs your help with something." "Ok. And who are you." "Oh I'm Y/n." "Ok when do they need me." "Now. They told me to pick you up." "Ok. Let me see your badge then we can go." "Ok."

I showed her my badge after I switched it back and then we left.

The Deo needed her help to build something.

Everyone left and it was just me and Lena in the building. I was filling out papers for some guy we caught and Lena was still working on whatever it was that she was building.

I finished filling out the papers but Lena was still working. It was getting pretty late so I went to go tell her to go home.

"Hey Lena." "Hey." "Um it's getting pretty late so you should probably go home. I can give you a ride if you need one." "I actually do need a ride if that's ok." "It's no problem." "Ok I need to do one more thing and then I'll be ready." "Ok."

She finished up what she was doing and then I drove her back to her house.

"Can you come in real quick I need to talk to you about something." She said as I pulled up in front of her place. "Oh uh sure."

I parked the car and then we went in her house.

"I heard what you said when you came to get me." "What do you mean." "You said Morgana. What do you know about her." "Why?" "Can you just answer the question." "She was my wife."

"It's you." "What do you mean." "Y/n. I'm Morgana. I had to live again too. I knew it was you. You look the same and have the same name I just had to make sure." "Then why isn't your name the same." "I don't know. Let's not worry about that." "Ok."

"Y/n?" "Yeah." "Why did you let that guy kill you. You should've let him kill me." "When I married you I told you I would protect you. And I did. He swore to me that he would leave you alone if he killed me so that what I let him do." "That's not an excuse you shouldn't have let yourself die because of me." "Yes I should've. I love you and I rather let him kill me then kill you."

Then she moved closer to me and kissed me. "I love you too."

I didn't know how to end this so... yeah. Also I haven't updated anything in a while and I probably still won't.

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