The Cast 🖤

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1) Andy Fowler.
Andy was born on February 16th 1994 in Hazel Grove, Stockport, Manchester, England.

2) Rye Beaumont. Rye was born on the 24th January 1996 in Bristol, England.

3) Ryan (Sonny) Robertson. Sonny was born June 10th 1996 in Essex, England.
(He is honestly the cutest with his fluffy jumpers oml)

4) Brooklyn Wyatt. Brooklyn was born on October 1st, 2000 in Wessex, England.

5) *Former* Jack Duff. Jack was born on July 6th, 1999 in Dublin, Ireland.

6) *Former* Mikey Cobban.
Mikey was born on March 22nd 1996 in Bristol, England.

7) Harvey Leigh Cantwell. (HRVY).
Harvey was born January 28th, 1999 in Kent, England.

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