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I'm very excited to have been chosen to write this short story on behalf of SHOWTIME® The L Word: Generation Q, which is premiering on Sunday, December 8th. It is exactly the kind of scene I love writing in my own novels, with romance, secrets and drama being some of my favorite content to include. This is also my first dabble in fan fiction, and I really enjoyed having fun with these characters. 

Make sure you check out the contest  (I've posted details below) and have a shot at writing your own entry!

Contest Challenge

Using the L Word: Generation Q character descriptions in the next chapter, create a 500 word to 1000 word fanfiction story in which characters are gathered for brunch the morning after a big party and ONE of the following prompts below:

· Two of the characters are a couple

· One person has a secret they have to tell during the scene

· One or more of the characters experienced a dramatic relationship moment at the party

Post your submission to your Wattpad profile and tag is #TheLWord to enter! The top 10 stories will be selected by Wattpad's esteemed judging panel, and an official winner will be hand-picked by the Showtime team! 

Character Descriptions

Bette Porter - A fiercely ambitious former professor, art curator, and director of CAC. Currently, she is a mayoral candidate for Los Angeles and mother to her teenage daughter Angie.

Alice Pieszecki - An upbeat, feminist talk show host of former podcast fame. Like Bette, Alice used to live in West Hollywood before moving to the East side in her 30s with her girlfriend Nat and Nat's two young children, where Alice juggles her role as a parent with her burgeoning career.

Shane McCutcheon - A self-possessed and successful hairstylist who is arriving back in LA after living on the road and selling her lucrative salons. She used to crash on couches and other people's beds as often as she could – but she's got money now.

Dani Nùñez - A powerful and calculating PR executive at her father's corporation, where she plans to take over for him one day. L.A. born and raised, her father's success afforded Dani a wealthy lifestyle full of private school and privileged opportunities.

Sophie Suarez – A warm and charismatic TV producer who got a full-ride to USC, which is where she met Dani. She left her unstable documentary career two years ago with the intention of putting down roots and making a more stable income.

(Sarah) Finley - A charming and unfocused former Olympic swimmer who works whatever job pays the bills - currently for ALICE as the office PA. What Finley lacks in direction, she makes up for with eagerness and loyalty. She comes from a deeply religious blue-collar family in Missouri, and struggles to reconcile her sexual orientation with her faith.

Micah Lee - Soft-spoken, earnest, adjunct professor at USC with a giant heart, currently getting his PhD in social work. He's a trans man from the Bay Area who lives with his two best friends, Sophie and Dani. Micah transitioned nearly six years ago, and he hasn't yet experienced a serious relationship as his true self. He and Dani dated in college, where they met. 


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