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The sound of doors closing and opening woke Aaradhika. She opened her eyes and once again recalled all the incidents. A familiar voice persuaded her to walk downstairs. She hid behind a wall and tried to see . Her parents were sitting there. ma and papa both talking. she had thought that she was never going to see them. She ran down the stairs . Partially crying but happy to meet them.

" Papa! Ma!" she called them.

" Slow down . Be careful Aaradhika . you are not well." Arjun  ran to hold her hand.  but she directly walked towards her parents. she hugged her mom. They both started crying.

" Oh, Aaradhika.  my child. you know we thought we lost you. how are you?" her mother said.

"i am fine . how are you both? papa how's your health?" she hugged her father.

" we are all okay. now you have returned then everything will be fine.  Arjun told us everything. After the accident you fell off the cliche and then was transferred from one hospital to another.  but he found you. i am so happy. i chose the best guy for you." 

Aaradhika looked at Arjun. he was standing with his head low. " ma , papa please eat something. " arjun passed the plates to them.

" no, beta. Actually we have to leave now. we are going to temple . God has granted our wish now we have to fulfill our duties." her mother touched her cheeks gently.

" but it's too early. " aaradhika tried to stop them.

" Aaradhika , it has been 3 hours . you were resting . and we will again visit tomorrow with your sister and brother. it's already 6 pm. you take rest." her father hugged her.

They left in one of Arjun's car. Aaradhika watched them until they finally vanished.

" Please sit down. they will again come . " he said.

Aaradhika sat on the couch with Arjun beside her. there was silence . none of them spoke. 

" I want to say sorry for my behavior. i.. i shouldn't have ... you know hurt you. and ..." Arjun tried to say and held her hands tightly. what ? did he just say sorry? it's a new word. 

" Aaradhika , look at me." he shifted towards her . now both facing each other." when i woke in the hospital bed without you by my side, i felt the earth slipped off my feet. i knew it you were not dead. i searched you. and those days were the worst. i realised i don't have anything except you. i was afraid." she looked at him. his voice broke ." yes. i thought you will never return to me. you had found someone better. who will love you . will have a family together. and will never beat you. " her eyelids flutter when she heard that word. Arjun never accepted his actions. but now.

" i am telling you all this because i want you to know that i really love you. Really.. i will try my best. i promise."  

How his words melt her heart.  She can give him a chance . yes. she should at least one. 

She has nowhere to go.  And he is ready to change.  how can she be so stone- hearted? 

" i am also sorry. i shouldn't have run. We could have sort it out together. i am sorry." Arjun looked at her and kissed her. A passionate one. He hugged her so tight that she lost her breathing. And again kiss. All over the face. He caressed her hair .

" thank you..  i will change everything."  he carried her to the room. and again made her sleep. 

he went out and sat in his study thinking about the advises once he ignored. Now is the time to heard of his Father's ideas . Even though he never liked him.

He will do anything to eliminate the thought of running away again from him in her mind. She just can't leave him and he will never let her. Either he changes or not. She has to be here with him till death

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