Who do I love

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Your pov
So I've been in this form for 3 months now and you know what. I actually prefer being a dogformer over being human. I know it's strange but it's how i feel. I go to the shelter six days every week, three are spent with the Deceptidogs and three with the Autodogs. I love all of them so much.

Ratchets like a father I never had and Shockwaves like a amazing teacher. Always willing to help learn more and encourage my curiosity. Bulkhead and Breakdown are like my two older brothers, both try their hardest to make me laugh and teach me how to fight, wreckers style. But unfortunately they still hate each other. Soundwave is always silent but a good listener, to be honest he's like a........ I can't describe it but he's always there for me.

Knockout, he's just a very flirty guy who always wants to be the most "handsome". But he's nice to talk to. Bee is like my little brother and I will always protect him. Smokescreen is the prankster and let's just say after a pulled a few on me he saw how terrifying I can be when I am really mad. Arcee is like an older sister even though she's so tiny.

Starscream ohh now he I don't like. He treats me terribly acting like I'm an infectious disease and calling me horrible names like "mut"and even once "bitch". He was in the sick bay for a day thanks to Megatron after that. Steve is adorable. He told me after a while of us being friends that he was in love with a human girl. I gave him some advice on the matter and a month later she comes to adopt him.

Megatron and Optimus......... I have fallen head over heels for the two amazing leaders. Megatron is so confident and cares about me a lot. On the second day I came to the Nemisis as they call it. I spent some time with him. He told me tales of his battles and victorys and his past. To be honest I like my little nick name pet. I know it sounds weird but the way he says it makes me feel so warm and loved. He always finds a way to get me flustered.

Optimus is very loving. He likes to sit under the tree with me and just talk. His bravery amazes me and leadership outstanding. He is so gentle while Megatron is a bit rough. I love the two equally and can't choose no matter how hard I try.

Sitting in the park I watch as Bumblebee and Raph run around chasing each other. Raph was on Bees tail (pi). I giggle as they run to the sand pit and start building a sand castle. They are to adorable.
"Hey there cutie~" says a deep voice in my right ear. Jumping up and getting into battle position. Thanks to Megatrons fighting lessons and Bulkheads and Breakdowns quick tips I have gained some confidence.

There before me stands a big brown and white pit bull. He's roughly the same size of Optimus but maybe a little shorter. He has a strong build and a set of sharp teeth that look like they could rip me apart with ease. Fear builds up inside me. How the heck is this guy so muscular .... is he on steroids or something. He has a large smirk plastered on his face, which looks like it was dragged out of the dump. His eyes stare down at me with something that I fear more than anything in this world. Lust

He steps closer to me. I back up with every step and know I'm gonna have to run. "Well what's your name pretty lady~" his voice is sickeningly sweet and loaded with lust. "None of your business." I snap back baring my fangs warningly. He only laughs and comes closer. "I like a gal with fire in her. Your coming with me." Suddenly about four other dogs surround me. I look around desperately. No escape. I then do the only thing I can.

No ones pov
"OPTIMUS!! MEGATRON!! HELP!!!!" The dogs surrounding me just laugh. "Save the screaming for tonight lovely~" says the pit bull. You try your best but he pins you to the ground

"Get away from her!" Two voices shout in unison full of anger.

The pit bull turns his head in time to see two large dogs. One red and blue the other grey. Both are known to all street dogs the two war dog leaders as they call them. The grey one known for being merciless and red and blue for protecting a pup. That's a story for another day back to you and the others.

Megatron leaped onto the pit bull while Optimus took out the other dogs.

Gore warning I will tell you when it's over with 👍

Megatron loomed over the pit bull, teeth bared and eyes full of blood lust. "Please let me go. I wasn gonna hurt the lill lady." He whimpered. Megatron let out a horrid growl one that could make you feel as if you were staring the devil himself in the eye. "You won't hurt her now!" And with that he lunged at the helpless dogs neck. A gurgling sound filled the air.

The other dogs looked over, well the two the others Optimus had wounded. One a huge wound across his chest bleeding out and the other missing his tail and an eye bleeding to death.
There lay there leader in a pool of his own blood. Megatron stood next to the dogs body, blood dripping from his bared fangs. The dogs whimpered and ran as fast as their legs could take them, leaving their fallen comrades and the terrifying wounds upon them to Optimus's and Megatrons mercy.

They stood there and watched them run away. Optimus and Megatron ran towards you, still bloody. They see that you are hurt on your front left leg. Coming to a decision Megatron places you on Optimus's back.

Eventually you all got back to the shelter and everyone was crowd around you. Knockout and Ratchet immediately got to work. You where fine but they wouldn't stop asking questions and looking for injuries. After what felt like hours you were left in peace. Yawning you slowly drift off into a deep sleep.

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