[Love and Tears] part 16.

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I rubbed my head as I tried to shake the ache away. I had a terrible dream the night before! My best friend Danielle had somehow found me and turned up at my dorm and convinced me to go to a club. Then I saw Jay there and he warned me it was dodgy. Instead of leaving I sat there and got kidnapped. Bazaar, right? Wrong. It wasn't a dream. It was very much real.

I screamed as I felt a warm body leaning against me in a bed. Where was I? Only then did I remember the dream wasn't fake, it was real. This could be my time to escape.

I held the covers firmly as I gently pushed them off me, trying not to wake my kidnapper. He was a big, rough guy who had a scar across his face. He was definitely over 18, which was weird since it was an under 18's club.

When the cover was half way down my body, I then carefully placed my leg on the ground, as I continued to watch him. I tried to push my petrified emotion out of my body and put a strong face on. I couldn't be scared. Not if I wanted to make my get away.

Both my legs were firmly on the ground. I was going to make it! Only if I did it right, that was. The person's sudden movement made me jump and land on the ground with a thud. I stayed on the ground for a while, scared to look up at him. I finally plucked up the courage to tug on the covers to pull myself up. To my surprise, he was still sleeping. I let out a cry of relief before rushing towards the door. I was actually going to make it! Wasn't I?

I cautiously gripped the door knob. Deciding the right time to turn it was hard. I breathed and bit my lip. Why couldn't I turn the door handle? Maybe I wanted to stay? Maybe I liked it there? I mentally slapped myself. That couldn't be true. I didn't know who that was! I pushed the door handle down, making the door creak. The words the stranger spoke made my head shoot up at him.

"And where do you think you're going?" He spoke. I swallowed, hard.

"I, er" My voice trailed off. He smirked at me, getting up to close the door. I should of ran at that moment, but my stupid, nervous and anxiousness took over. "I need the toilet," I lied, quickly.

He let out a quick laugh. "You don't need to go to the toilet."

I raised an eyebrow. "What? How would you know?"

He laughed again, making me narrow my eyes. "Look down."

I didn't want to look down. What kind of joke was this guy playing at? Curiosity got the best of me so I hesitantly moved my head downwards. I flushed at what I saw. I had wet myself!

"Oh my!" I yelled, feeling my underwear to see how wet they were. They we relatively dry, meaning I must of done it the previous night. "What happened?"

"You wet yourself." He stated, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. I rolled my eyes at him, obviously I didn't mean that.

"But how?"

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