Chapter 28

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We were back to doing our jobs early Monday morning. I spent the whole Sunday with Pierce as Hugh spent his time with Evan. I was ready to work and to be honest I'd kind of missed it. January would be a busy month since it was the start of a new year. Pierce had picked me up from my apartment this morning, much to my dismay since I was capable of going to work on my own. We immediately jumped into work mode as we entered the office. I may love this man but I also took my job seriously. I didn't want to take advantage of my job just because I dated my boss also wanting to instill that I couldn't get away with anything. Pierce also had the same belief in valuing hard work but sometimes a few minutes of making out in his office was definitely needed after a very long day.

As of now, we were busy with the hotel project in London. A few more confirmations here and there then we would be set. The tower construction would be in a few months' time. Pierce wanted it to run smoothly since this would be his first major project ever since he became the CEO of the company. Why he chose London was for the reason that he could visit home from time to time. He had also built a connection with a lot of people from his previous job at Charles Husher's financial firm back in London so it was definitely a big advantage.

Ever since Pierce came to New York, the media had been pestering to get an interview with the new appointed CEO. They didn't know it was Pierce but they knew that Wilson had a son. They speculated it to be him but they were still doubtful. All they knew was that Pierce had not lived in the United States and that there were eligible men from the board of directors that were fit for the position. We hadn't really released an official statement to the public since Wilson's death. Pierce wasn't ready yet and we didn't want the media to go crazy. We also wanted to respect Wilson's death at that time so we kept our silence.

Our public relations department thought that this would be the perfect time to release a statement. It was a new year and they believed that it would bring more opportunities for the company. A week had passed since Pierce and I came back from London. He was already scheduled for a press release today. A lot of representatives from the media industry were invited from business magazines, The New York Times, gossip tabloids and a lot more. Apparently, they were all ecstatic to meet the new CEO of Alexander Corporation.

We were in his office getting ready for the big event. He was wearing a crisp black suit for the press release. His hair was coiffed up, looking so handsome in his ensemble. He always did but it still surprised me that this man in front of me was mine. I adjusted his tie and I could feel his heated gaze on me. "Stop staring." A small smile was on my face as I concentrated on fixing his tie.

"I can't help but stare at my beautiful girlfriend." He grinned as he put his hands around my waist, pulling me closer. Aware that there were other people inside his office, "Pierce, they would know. Stop it." I giggled and tried to free myself from his hold.

"I don't give a fuck. Why are they here anyway?" He said a little too seriously and looked around. I rolled my eyes when he knew exactly why they were in his office. His publicist, Julia, insisted on briefing Pierce on what to say during the release. She also hired a stylist for Pierce's appearance on television and some photos that would be printed on magazines and newspapers. Julia had arranged for a photo shoot to some of the big magazine companies that would like to feature Pierce as the new CEO for a full-page spread.

In a way, I was kind of nervous. The whole world would know about Pierce Alexander after he would give his speech. He probably wouldn't have time for me since all the ladies would crawl up to him to get his attention. I knew it was pathetic of me to think about these kinds of things. However, it was a possibility.

I felt a warm hand on my cheek, looking up to see those bright hazel eyes staring at me with worry. "Why are you frowning?" He asked.

I shook my head, "It's nothing," giving him a reassured smile. He didn't seem to buy it though.

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